Beachbody Overview | Workout and Supplement Reviews

Virtually everyone is familiar with the increasingly popular workout programs Insanity and P90X. These programs have somewhat of a cult following and have led to millions of pounds lost across the globe. What many are not as familiar with is the company that created these programs with the help of some of the top fitness trainers around the world. The company is Beachbody and it is one of the fastest growing companies today.

Beachbody is a private American company founded jointly by Jon Congdon and Carl Daikeler over 15 years ago in 1998. It is based out of Santa Monica, California and touts itself as the creator of the best fitness programs on the market. Since its inception years ago, Beachbody has remained dedicated to providing the weight conscious public with a wide variety of top quality fitness products. Beachbody’s ever expanding line of products includes, but is not limited to, at home exercise programs, supplements, exercise equipment, meal replacement shakes and its latest venture, beauty products.

Fitness Programs

One of the main reasons Beachbody has catapulted to the top of the fitness market is the variety of challenging DVD home workouts it sells. The workouts are comprehensive, including easy to follow nutritional plans, weight loss trackers, free online support and much more. The programs range in difficulty from beginner programs up to intermediate and advanced. Beachbody’s best selling fitness programs are Insanity, P90X, TurboFire, Brazil Butt Lift, Body Beast, 10 Minute Trainer, Less Mills Pump and Less Mills Combat.


insanity workoutInsanity is one of the most grueling cardio workouts to date. It claims it can transform your body in as little as two months and, if you have ever completed even one Insanity workout, you will believe this is true. Insanity is based on the MAX Interval Training philosophy where you will go through intense intervals of extreme bursts of energy coupled with short rest periods. Insanity: The Asylum is the second set of Insanity workouts released by Beachbody. In this 30 day fitness program, Shaun T has managed to increase the difficulty of the Insanity series by including a variety of demanding workouts. Insanity: The Asylum incorporates various sports disciplines including plyometrics, core workouts, strength training, speed training, agility work and interval training to improve athletic performance in as little as one month.


P90X is one of the most popular fitness programs released by Beachbody because of the many transformations that users have been able to accomplish by using the program for only three months. The P90X program is unique in that it is based primarily around strength training, but it can still be done in the comfort of your own living room. P90X incorporates weights and resistance training throughout the 12 routines targeted at specific body parts each day. The total body training program focuses on leaning up the body in as little as 90 days with workouts lasting between 45 and 60 minutes long.

Turbo Fire

Turbo Fire is a program that is quite popular with beginners and advanced fitness buffs alike. It is not as physically demanding as P90X or Insanity, but it still manages to torch fat, burn calories and help you reach your fitness goals without needing to go to the gym. The premise behind Turbo Fire is the High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) that sparks the metabolism to burn calories for up to two days after completing the workouts. Turbo Fire claims to help you burn up to nine times more fat and calories than a traditional cardio routine and includes workouts lasting up to 50 minutes long.

Brazil Butt Lift

The Brazil Butt Lift is more popular with the ladies and it is obvious due to its name. The purpose of Brazil Butt Lift is to help lift, firm and reshape the buttocks area with the unique TriAngle Training Method. This training method targets all major muscles of the gluteus maximus in order to help transform its shape into a tighter, fitter behind. Brazil Butt Lift workouts range from 10 to 50 minutes long.

10 Minute Trainer

10 Minute Trainer is growing in popularity because of the short, effective workouts it can provide to help burn cardio and tone the body all over. In just 10 minutes a day, the 10 Minute Trainer workouts combine cardio, strength training and ab exercises to help squeeze in fitness even if your daily routine seems impossible to fit it in.

Les Mills Pump

Les Mills Pump is a barbell based workout program aimed at building muscle without bulking up the body. It is ideal for both men and women because it incorporates light weights at a high rate of repetitions. This elevates the heart rate in order to help the body burn calories, melt away fat and tone muscles from head to toe. The Less Mills Pump workouts range from 20 to 55 minutes long and can be done at home with a small number of barbells at hand.

Les Mills Combat

With the recent spike in popularity with mixed martial arts and UFC, the Les Mills Combat program has rapidly increased in popularity among men and women. Through the 30 to 60 minute Les Mills Combat workouts, you can attain a lean, toned physique in as little as two months. Les Mills Combat incorporates the Fast Twitch Integration training method that combines the most dynamic, explosive moves from disciplines including boxing, tae kwon do, karate, muay thai, capoeira, jiu jitsu and kickboxing. This type of training method challenges the body by combining moves in patterns that will work every muscle in a cardiovascular and resistance training way. The program promises to torch fat and have lasting effects long after the workouts are complete.

In addition to the above described workout programs, Beachbody also features Body Beast, Tai Cheng, Slim in 6, Power 90, Body Gospel, Chalean, Turbo Jam, Hip Hop Abs and Rockin’ Body. Regardless of your age, ability or fitness level, Beachbody has a program that can help you reach your fitness goals without needing to spend the money on a gym membership. All Beachbody workouts can be done at home, most with little to no equipment necessary.

Workout Gear

In addition to the workout programs described above, Beachbody can also provide users with any and all equipment necessary to complete the home based workouts. Gear offered by Beachbody for these workouts includes but is not limited to:

  • Apparel
  • Resistance bands
  • Stability and medicine balls
  • Foam rollers
  • Weights
  • Heart rate monitors
  • Chin up bars
  • Plyometrics mats
  • Agility ladders
  • Speed ropes
  • Dumbbell sets
  • Strength bands
  • Yoga blocs


shakeologyIn addition to its wide variety of exercise programs, Beachbody is also well known for its Shakeology meal replacement shakes. Shakeology is a premium shake mix made from more than 70 all natural, whole food ingredients from around the globe. It is available in four different flavors, including Chocolate, Tropical Strawberry, Green Berry and Vanilla. Shakeology also offers a vegan version. Shakeology has become so popular among healthy food fanatics because it contains all natural ingredients and promises to help curb cravings for junk food, promote weight loss, increase energy, improve digestion, support the immune system and improve cardiovascular health. The large number of antioxidants and phytonutrients in the shake help the body shed stored fat and improve overall health by incorporating as little as one Shakeology serving a day.


In addition to its successful Shakeology meal replacement line, Beachbody also offers a comprehensive line of supplements to help maximize results achieved through their fitness programs. Some of Beachbody supplements include the Beachbody Hardcore Base Shake, Beachbody Fuel Shot pre and post recovery drink, Beachbody M.A.X. Creatine and Beachbody Super Suma. These supplements help:

  • Maximize muscle grown
  • Reduce muscle breakdown
  • Kick start energy and recovery
  • Increase testosterone production
  • Build lean, hard muscle mass
  • Aid in weight loss and muscle recovery

The Beachbody supplement line also includes daily vitamins to help support a healthy immune system, strengthen bones, support optimal heart, bran and joint health and improve overall health. The supplements and vitamins can be taken in conjunction with a Beachbody program or alone, depending on where you are at in reaching your individual fitness goals.

Ultimate Reset

The Ultimate Reset is one of Beachbody’s newest ventures and offers individuals a healthy cleanse to help rid the body of toxins that take a toll on overall health. The Ultimate Reset is not like a typical cleanse that includes harsh laxatives and severely restricted caloric intake. The Ultimate Reset is instead focused on feeding the body only the necessary nutrients it needs to function more efficiently, lose weight and improve overall health. The Ultimate Reset lasts only 21 days and includes eating plans, recipes, cooking tips shopping lists and more to help guide users through the cleansing journey.

Beachbody Derm

Beachbody’s latest venture is a line of anti aging products that promises to erase wrinkles, smooth fine lines, improve skin tone and firm sagging, tired looking skin. With promises like this, it is no wonder that Derm has also begin to gain momentum with the middle age and older population, especially when it is backed by one of television’s plastic surgery experts, Dr. Andrew Ordon. The Derm line includes a variety of products, including the Fill & Freeze Wrinkle Treatment, Micro Peel Resurfacing Pads, Intensive Repair Serum and Collagen Lift. In addition to its anti-aging skin care line, Derm Exclusive also offers the Facial Cleanser, Age Defense Moisturizer featuring SPF 3and the Volume Lip Therapy with SPF 15. The line has been very successful since being launched and continues to regularly receive rave reviews, with consistent four out of five stars or higher reviews across the board.

Team Beachbody Coaching Opportunity

beachbodyOne of the most unique aspects of the Team Beachbody Company is the ability to become your own boss by becoming a Team Beachbody coach and helping others reach their fitness goals. Many people that have used Team Beachbody products to help reach their fitness goals have decided to become coaches and a large number of them been able to grow their own successful business empires by helping promote and sell Beachbody products. The TBB coaches are the main reason that Beachbody has been able to gross over $400 million in sales and continues to thrive year after year. Beachbody started the coaching opportunity program almost five years ago and has grown to almost 100,000 coaches worldwide. As a coach, individuals not only make commission and a salary from the company, they also get discounts on all Beachbody products and an incentive to stay in shape. What makes being a coach so attractive to many Beachbody enthusiasts is that it promotes health and fitness not only to others but for themselves as well. They are their own testimony so, by looking good and presenting a fit appearance, they will have a direct effect on the success of their Team Beachbody coaching business. This works hand in hand to keep coaches in shape and keep the company booming.


After over 15 years in existence, Beachbody continues to grow exponentially. With all Beachbody products developed by experts in their fields, they can guarantee that you will be satisfied with your purchase or promise a complete, money back guarantee across the board. Whether it is a fitness program, exercise equipment, Shakeology shake mix, Derm beauty product or supplement, Beachbody promises that you will be satisfied with it or you will receive the full amount back within a specified amount of time. This is a promise that many companies are unable to make. Beachbody also offers an unbeatable 24/7 online support system that helps guide Beachbody product users through their journey with forums, peer support groups, chats with industry experts and more. The list for Beachbody pros goes on and on, and it is company that is truly hard to beat. As if Beachbody’s top quality products across the board were not enough, it was also recognized for being outstanding in ethics and professionalism in its marketing strategies in a 2004 Email Best Practices study by Arial Software. Beachbody is a solid company with rave reviews from consumers and competitors alike.