p90x for women

Does P90x Really Work? Yes P90X Works, Here’s How!

The P90X program is an extreme 90-day fitness system created by Beachbody and trainer Tony Horton. The intense home exercise program combines plyometrics, stretching routines, cardio workouts, yoga, weights and resistance training for an all over full body workout. In addition to offering individuals a variety of exercises designed to keep their bodies challenged, P90X also provides a nutrition plan, which comes in three phases. The three phases within the nutrition plan are the endurance maximizer, the energy booster and the fat shredder. Each phase works in combination with the exercise routines ensuring a greater impact on the body’s overall health and appearance.

p90xHow does P90X work?
Those who have first-hand experience agree that this exercise program does in fact work, and its success is largely due to its muscle confusion aspects. This means the routines and workouts within the program continue to challenge the body’s muscles encouraging growth. Because of this aspect, individuals are able to avoid the workout plateau that is often experienced when completing an exercise program. In other words, while completing most workout programs, muscles will become so familiar with certain aspects of the program that the workouts become ineffective. Therefore, to keep muscles challenged, the workouts have to vary in order to keep the muscles confused and challenged.

What else makes P90X effective?
Aside from its muscle confusion aspect, the P90X program also offers individuals the ability to work out without leaving their homes. This is a great option for individuals who either do not want to spend money on a gym membership or who simply prefer working out in privacy. In addition, the P90X program gives guidance to individuals as they seek to become more healthy. Often times, in gyms, unless a person can afford a personal trainer, they often have no direction or guidance while exercising. Being left on their own can result in confusion and ultimately lead to discouragement. This is especially true for individuals who are new to working out.

Does P90X work for women?
Many women have found great success with P90X. Although some women may feel the program is geared more towards men than women due to its focus on muscle-building, the program was designed with both sexes in mind. It is important for women to build muscles and eliminate body fat, and P90X will help them accomplish that goal. Moreover, stay-at-home moms who have little ones at home find great freedom in workout programs such as P90X since it allows them to complete their workouts from the comfort of their homes on their own time schedules.

p90x for women

What is included in the P90X extreme training system?
Aside from the aforementioned nutrition plan, the P90X exercise program comes complete with 12 separate workouts and four advanced workouts all designed to keep the body challenged and constantly improving. The whole workout program can be completed in 90 days, or individuals can work at a slower pace. A fitness guide created to help individuals track their progress and a video entitled “How to Bring It”, which explains the complete P90X system, is also included in the exercise program. In addition, online support is offered, which allows individuals to access other P90X users and contact fitness experts including Tony who is the program’s creator.

Is P90X worth it?
The P90X program has a reasonable upfront cost of ownership. However, added elements such as the chin-up bar, resistance bands and dumbbells, which makes the workout even more effective, demand an additional monetary investment. However, even with all the upfront costs involved in procuring the program, the P90X system is still more affordable than buying equipment for a home gym, and it is considerably cheaper than the ongoing expense of a gym membership. Therefore, the P90X program is worth the investment and presents a great opportunity for men and women alike to get in the best shape of their lives.

Other aspects to consider:
P90X is not for everyone as it is a high-intensity workout designed to build muscle and challenge the body. Therefore, individuals with injuries or health conditions may find the program just a bit too challenging. However, since Beachbody offers a 90-day money back guarantee, any individual can try P90X risk free.

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