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Proven Workout Videos That Show Fast Results

If individuals go through the trouble of working out, they want to see fast results. Therefore, obtaining an effective workout series is a must. Thankfully, there are many workout DVD series by Beachbody that are very effective. The following are a few examples of some workout series that promise fast and effective results:


workout videosThe P90X series comes in three differing kit options those being the base, deluxe and ultimate kits. However, no matter what series is completed, P90X has a positive track record when it comes to fast results. This series features trainer Tony Horton and is designed to transform the body in the short span of 90 days. It is effective thanks to its 12 intense workouts that implement cardio, ab work, plyometrics, yoga, martial arts and body weight training. In addition to the challenging workouts, the series also comes with a workout calendar, fitness guide and nutrition plan all created to help users achieve fast but sustainable results. Beachbody also offers the P90X2 series which is the new and improved version of P90X.

10-Minute Trainer

Trainer Tony Horton is also featured in the 10-Minute Trainer, which is yet another very effective DVD workout series. The 10-Minute Trainer comes in three separate kits those being the base, expanded and complete kits. Each series offers five workout videos entitled “Cardio,” “Total-Body,” “Lower-Body” and “Abs.” Each DVD comes complete with short power-packed workouts perfect for the individual who has limited time to workout.

Turbo Jam

According to a recent university study, many Turbo Jam participants burned over 1,000 calories an hour. As a reference point, that is more calories burned than when strength training, doing step aerobics, walking, running or doing Pilates. Turbo Jam combines kickboxing and dance inspired moves to create a body-sculpting calorie-blasting workout. Moreover, Turbo Jam is great for the beginner as Chalene Johnson, who is the host and trainer, breaks down each move in an easy-to-follow method. She even offers beginners or those with injuries alternative moves so they can still participate but not push their bodies in an unhealthy manner.


Chalene Johnson also hosts a series called TurboFire, which is even more challenging and thus more effective than Turbo Jam. It is geared towards individuals who are already in semi decent shape but need an extra push to achieve their perfect body. All of Chalene Johnson’s DVD series are extremely effective, especially for women. However, men who try her workouts also obtain positive results.

Brazil Butt Lift

Featuring trainer Leandro Carvalhos, Brazil Butt Lift is an effective and fast-working series. It comes in three varieties those being the base, plus and supreme kits. Each series uses the TriAngle Training method, which works the three major muscle groups within the buttocks, which are the medius, maximus and minimus muscles. Brazil Butt Lift features body-sculpting cardio and dance moves that get participants bikini-ready in no time at all.


workout videosAnother very effective workout series is INSANITY. It is known as one of the most challenging fitness programs ever released on DVD. Trainer Shaun T. pushes users to their limit each day with the 10 featured INSANITY workouts. Each workout DVD is packed with core and ab training moves and nonstop resistance, power and strength intervals along with plyometric drills. INSANITY is designed to work in 60 days and burns around 1,000 calories an hour. Beachbody also offers INSANITY: THE ASYLUM volume one and two.


LES MILLS COMBAT comes in three varieties those being the regular combat kit, the supreme warrior kit and the ultimate warrior kit. Each series is super effective and is led by trainers Rach Newsham and Dan Cohen. The series is designed to work in 60 days and uses mixed martial arts to get participants into the best shape of their lives. Each kit also includes a fitness and nutrition guide for added benefits. In addition, Beachbody offers the LES MILLS PUMP workout series.

The DVD workout programs listed above are the some of the most effective and fastest working exercise series available. Individuals who complete them rave about the transformation they have garnered through the completion of the program. Any individual seeking a rapid body transformation should try one of the above workout series.