3 day shakelolgy cleanse directions

All About The Shakeology 3 Day Cleanse by Beachbody

Shakeology is one of Beachbody’s best selling products and it is for good reason. It is an all natural, premium nutritional health shake mix created from whole food ingredients that contains 23 essential vitamins in minerals per serving. All of its nutrients are blended together to create the perfect all-in-one balanced meal to help you lose weight, increase your energy and improve your overall health.


When it comes to weight loss, most people want to see quick results and, with the Shakeology program, Beachbody offers a way to lose weight fast in a healthy way. The Shakeology 3 Day Cleanse is a shorter version of the Shakeology Meal Replacement Weight Loss program and it offers many benefits in addition to a 3 to 5 pound weight loss in only three days.

Shakeology 3 Day Cleanse Benefits

The Shakeology 3 Day Cleanse is not like traditional cleanses, restricting food intake to strictly liquids and limiting calories to unhealthy levels. Instead, the Shakeology 3 Day Cleanse allows between 800 and 1,100 calories per day, and includes vegetables, fruits, lean proteins and the nutrient dense Shakeology meal replacement shake.

Most traditional cleanses are also done without any exercise or fitness regimen due to the limited caloric intake that leads to decreased energy levels. The Shakeology 3 Day Cleanse was intended to be done along with one of Beachbody’s many workout programs. Its main purpose is to provide the body with nutrients it is deficient in, replace the unhealthy toxins it is helping eliminate and prepare the body for weight loss and the commencement of a Beachbody workout program. Beachbody suggests doing the cleanse every three to four months in order to regularly rid the body of toxins that will continuously build up. After each three day period on the Shakeology Cleanse, you should feel an increase in energy, improved mood, less bloating and, most importantly, a weight loss of three to five pounds.

One similarity between the Shakeology 3 Day Cleanse and other traditional cleanses is that, although it does not limit calories, it does help rid the body of unhealthy toxins. The body builds up an unhealthy level of toxins due to poor diets that include processed foods, preservatives, consumption of alcohol, sugary beverages, unhealthy fats and foods with additives. These toxins not only inhibit weight loss, they also cause fatigue, stress and various negative side effects. While on the 3 Day Cleanse, the body slowly eliminates the many toxins and replaces them with Shakeology’s vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

How to do the Shakeology Cleanse

Prior to beginning the Shakeology 3 Day Cleanse, it is best to ensure that you can fully commit to the program for the next three days. Weekdays may be a better option since weekends tend to include eating out, treating yourself to desserts and sometimes consuming alcohol.

When you commit to starting the Shakeology 3 Day Cleanse, ensure that you have all of the items you need in your pantry and refrigerator. It may also be wise to eliminate or hide the foods you cannot eat so that you are not tempted.

shakeology 3 day cleanse instructions

Foods and beverages on your shopping list:

  • Water
  • Shakeology shake mix
  • Green tea
  • Salad ingredients (lettuce, tomato, broccoli, celery, bell peppers, spinach, kale and any other leafy green vegetable)
  • Low fat dressing or homemade oil and vinegar dressing
  • Lean proteins such as fish, white meat chicken or white meat turkey
  • Tofu
  • Low glycemic fruits (optional and recommended only if participating in a workout program while on the 3 day cleanse)

Foods and beverages to avoid:

  • Dairy
  • Added sugars
  • Breads
  • Starches (rice, corn, potatoes, etc)
  • Processed or canned foods
  • Basically anything except leafy green vegetables, lean protein, low fat dressing, fruit, green tea and water

During the three days on the cleanse, you will be eating three meals per day, with two snacks in between. Breakfast and lunch will consist of Shakeology shakes and dinner will include a salad with your choice of lean protein.

Sample Shakeology 3 Day Cleanse Meal Plan

A typical day on the Shakeology 3 Day Cleanse should look like this:

1 cup of green tea (immediately upon waking up)
1 Shakeology shake blended with ice and water
Fruit (can be added for added energy only if participating in a workout program while on the cleanse)

1 piece of fruit (low glycemic choices such as berries, citrus fruits or apples)

1 Shakeology shake blended with ice and water
1 cup of green tea

Snack (Can be eaten after dinner as dessert if preferred)
1 Shakeology shake blended with ice and water

Salad including 3 servings of leafy green vegetables and tomatoes, broccoli, celery or peppers.
Low fat dressing limited to 2 tablespoons
4 ounces of lean protein (fish, white turkey or chicken, or tofu)

Bottom Line

The Shakeology 3 Day Cleanse is a nutritionally sound method of ridding the body of toxins and kick starting weight loss in as little as three days. Although it is only intended to be done for three days, it can and should be repeated every three to four months in order to regularly flush the body of unhealthy toxins that inhibit weight loss, worsen previously existing ailments and cause fatigue. Most individuals that have completed the three day cleanse are very satisfied with the results they obtain and do not feel it is a difficult program to complete. The three days consist of healthy calorie consumption through healthy, clean foods. The Shakeology shakes are very filling and, if blended with plenty of ice and fruit, they almost taste like dessert. The favorite benefit to the cleanse for most seems to be less bloating and a three to five pound weight loss.


This is my second time doing the cleanse and I am currently on the third day. I started feeling the benefits after only two days and I’m already down four pounds. It definitely takes some discipline if you are used to a diet of fast food and soda but, it is not as difficult as most traditional cleanses that only allow lemon water and maple syrup. I definitely plan to continue doing the cleanse three to four times a year and continue seeing the benefit after each time.
Karen Quiros

I am 55 years old and just finished the cleanse for the first time. I lost five pounds in just three days and am really amazed. I did not feel very hungry throughout the three day period and actually looked forward to my dessert-like Shakeology shake meals. One of the best perks are that I can finally button a pair of pants that I have been wanting to wear for months. Not only has this cleanse helped me shed a few extra pounds and helped me eliminate toxins, it has also inspired to me to eat healthier on a regular basis and start one of Beachbody’s exercise programs. It’s never too late!
Joann Aguilar