Top Workout DVDs by Beachbody

Beachbody is a company that is passionate about providing workouts that challenge and build the body all from the comfort of home. In addition, Beachbody offers support through their online club, which is free to join. All Beachbody workouts are highly effective and challenging. Moreover, with the variety available, anyone can find a workout that fits their needs and lifestyle. For that reason, choosing which DVD workout system to complete first can become confusing. To make the choice easier, check out the following workouts, which are Beachbody’s best workout videos:

The INSANITY workout series is aptly named as it is considered the hardest fitness program ever put on DVD, meaning the effort it demands is a little insane. Shaun T, who is the personal trainer featured on INSANITY, pushes anyone’s limits by taking them through a series of plyometric drills, core and ab training moves and resistance, power and strength training. One benefit of this workout is it requires no additional equipment as the workout is challenging enough on its own. Those who complete the INSANITY workout can send in their before and after photos to Beachbody and receive a free t-shirt that proudly tells the word about their accomplishment. The INSANITY workout package contains 10 intense workout DVDs, an elite nutrition plan, a fitness guide and an INSANITY workout calendar.

P90X is a 90-day home fitness system designed to get individuals in the best shape of their lives. Trainer Tony Horton guides individuals as they complete 12 intense workouts that combine plyometrics, martial arts, yoga, ab work, cardio, resistance and body-weight training. Moreover, all P90X sets come complete with a workout calendar and a fitness guide. There are three separate P90X kits offered by Beachbody, and they are the P90X Base, the P90X Deluxe and the P90X Ultimate kits. Below is a breakdown of what comes with each set:

  • P90X Base:
    This kit comes with 12 workouts on 12 separate exercise videos, the comprehensive three-phase nutrition plan, the “How To Bring It” introductory video, the P90X workout calendar and a detailed P90X fitness guide.
  • P90X Deluxe:
    The P90X Deluxe package includes everything in the base kit and adds a gym-quality chin-up bar, a 30-day supply of the P90X results, a recovery formula post-workout drink and three pro-grade resistance bands.
  • P90X Ultimate:
    The P90X Ultimate kit includes everything in the P90X base and deluxe packages and adds five P90X plus advanced workouts, the P90X chin-up max and Tony Horton’s powerstands.

The LES MILLS COMBAT system is an ultimate mixed martial arts workout. Individuals will strike, block, kick and punch their way to a sculpted body. The system comes with seven muscle-defining and calorie-blasting workouts. Moreover, up to 1000 calories can be burned in an hour using this workout system. It works by combining boxing, Tae Kwon Do, kickboxing, Jiu Jitsu, karate and Kung Fu. The LES MILLS COMBAT package also comes with an “Eat Right For The Fight Nutrition Guide,” a “Stay With The Fight Fitness Guide,” a seven-day jump-start guide and a combat 69 extreme cardio fighter DVD.

TurboFire is a 90-day cardio conditioning program created to help individuals burn up to nine times more calories and fat than regular cardio workouts. TurboFire comes complete with 12 workouts on five DVDs. Chalene Johnson guides individuals as they workout encouraging them to push themselves just a bit further than they feel they can go. In addition to the aforementioned features, TurboFire also comes with a “Fuel And Fire Nutrition Guide,” an Abs 10 class DVD and access to the fire starter class instant streaming.

Brazil Butt Lift:
Brazil Butt Lift features trainer Leandro Carvalho and works the buttocks using the TriAngle Training method. Brazil Butt lift works the three major muscles that make up the buttocks ensuring individuals are ready for bikini season. Brazil Butt Lift uses body sculpting, cardio and Brazilian dance moves to create finely sculpted buttocks.

Beachbody has revolutionized the at-home workout industry. Thanks to Beachbody, anyone can now procure a variety of workouts to sculpt their entire body. Moreover, the workout videos are perfect for both men and women of any age. Above are the best exercise videos available through Beachbody.

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  1. I’ve tried P90X and Insanity but Les Mills Combat is my favorite. It is a great combination of cardio and resistance/interval training. It’s put together well and a lot of fun.

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