cize workout review

Cize Workout Review


Have you been wanting to start a fitness routine but just cannot seem to find the groove? Are you tired of the usual cardio videos that leave you bored after ten minutes or the long gym classes that take too much of your time? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may be the perfect candidate for Shaun T’s latest workout program, CIZE. CIZE was designed to make working out fun, helping you lose weight while dancing and sweating to the hottest moves and the latest hits.


CIZE is a cardio based workout program that will make you forget everything you dread about working out. With CIZE, exercise won’t be a chore, it will be something fun to do that you actually look forward to. You will essentially be dancing you way to fitness in just 4 weeks with a new dance fitness program developed by leading celebrity fitness trainer and dance instructor Shaun T. This program is so much fun, it will be easy to forget it is even exercise. In each routine, Shaun T breaks down challenging dance moves step-by-step, and builds them into a full routine that runs between 35 and 40 minutes long. Mastering the moves requires hard work, practice, and dedication that will torch fat and calories. It is all choreographed to great music to keep everyone energized and moving. You are guaranteed to get a great workout while learning the kinds of dance moves only seen in music videos and some of the most popular dance shows.

About Shaun T

Shaun T has created many of Beachbody’s most popular programs and he has done it once again with CIZE. In case you were not already aware, Shaun T is also the creator of programs that include Insanity, Hip Hop Abs, Insanity Asylum and the latest Insanity program, Insanity Max 30. With his thorough fitness background, including a degree in sports medicine and experience in theater, dance and choreography, in addition to being one of the nation’s top fitness trainers, there are few that are more experienced in creating a comprehensive dance fitness program such as CIZE. And with a schedule as busy as his, workouts can be difficult to fit in, that is unless they are less than 35 to 40 minutes in length and can help whip you into shape in as little as four week!

What’s Included with CIZE?

There are a variety of ways to order the CIZE program. You can get the basic CIZE package, the CIZE Deluxe DVD package or the CIZE Challenge Pack.

CIZE DVD Package
The basic CIZE DVD package includes 6 dance course workouts on 3 different DVDs. It also includes an Eat Up! Meal Plan, Get Started Guide, Weekend Survival Guide, 2 Wall Calendars, 8 Count Abs Bonus Workout, Hold Your Own Network Exclusive DVD and 24/7 support online via the Beachbody website and online forum. The basic CIZE DVD package costs $59.85 plus $6.95 shipping and handling. It comes with a full money back guarantee, minus shipping and handling charges, so you can return it if you are not satisfied within the first month of trying it out. If you do decide to return it, you get to keep the 8 Count Abs Bonus Workout and Hold Your Own Network Exclusive DVD free of charge as a thank you for giving the program a try. So, now that you know what you get, let’s take a look at the meat and potatoes of the program, the actual content in each of the workout DVDS and additional resources that accompany them.

CIZE Deluxe DVD Package
The CIZE Deluxe DVD Package includes everything that you get with the basic CIZE package plus two additional calorie crushing dance workouts with faster paced routines, weighted wristbands to tone up and the LOSE IT! Guide. In addition, you also get the popular 21 Day Fix portion control containers to get your eating on track and help you learn proper portion control without having to count calories, figure out points or measure everything you eat. The CIZE Deluxe package costs $119.70 plus $13.77 for shipping and handling.

CIZE Challenge Pack
The CIZE challenge pack includes everything that comes with the CIZE Basic DVD package plus a 30 day supply of Beachbody’s super food nutritional shake Shakeology. You could spend more than $700 on supplements just to re-create all of the healthy ingredients in one bag of Shakeology. But for only about $4 a serving, you can treat your body to the delicious daily super food protein shake that helps give you energy for your dance routines, reduces junk-food cravings, and may help you achieve your ideal body faster. A nutrient-dense combination of antioxidants, phytonutrients, adaptogens, and many other rare ingredients gives your body nutrients you can’t get from a normal diet. And now there are two flavors that are 100% vegan. Shakeology is a $129 value by itself but you can save over $70 by getting the CIZE challenge pack for as little as $140 when it is on sale. Regular price for the challenge pack is $160. One of the perks of ordering CIZE in a challenge pack is you save on shipping and pay only $2 shipping and handling.

CIZE Workouts

CIZE workouts are unique in that they include dance moves you would not typically see in a dance fitness program. Most dance workouts feature basic, repetitive dance moves that make it easy for the general public to grasp yet also make the programs boring after time. CIZE workouts include a wide variety of moves that are challenging yet doable. CIZE users can go at their own pace and follow Shaun T through basic, easy to learn moves. The workouts are all focused on aerobic dance moves rather than traditional body weight exercises that are typical of Shaun T programs.

Crazy 8s
This 30 minute workout will get you to master the addicting hip hop dance moves featured throughout. Then at the end, you get to perform the routine to Hands in the Air, originally recorded by Timbaland.

You Got This
With You Got This, you will be picking up the pace for an intense sweat, with fresh moves and a whole new vibe. Then you will put it all together to Treasure, originally recorded by Bruno Mars. You Got This runs 43 minutes.

Full Out
Once you get to Full Out, you’ve made it to Level 2. This workout forces you to get ready to get winded and wowed in this over-the-top, all-out, sweaty dance routine set to Lose My Breath, originally recorded by Destiny’s Child. Full Out runs 34 minutes.

In The Pocket
You will crank up the energy and the pace with In the Pocket. You should be ready for even more new dance moves created and inspired by professional dancers, all choreographed to Problem, originally recorded by Ariana Grande. In the Pocket runs 37 minutes.

Go For It
Are you ready to challenge yourself and show off your moves front and center? Before you know it, you will be doing Go For It where you will be performing to Pass That Dutch, originally recorded by Missy Elliott. Go For It runs 40 minutes.

Living in the 8s
CIZE can teach anyone to dance—any style—any pace—to any type of music. This final course is a completely different dance experience, with an emotional finale routine to Sia’s Chandelier. Get ready for your music video because this one brings it all together for you and it is also the longest of all CIZE workouts! Living in the 8s runs 51 minutes.

8 Count Abs
Strong abs and core are key for every great dancer. They are key for overall strength and definition too! Work your abs on the floor and then perform the ab sequence to Headsprung, originally recorded by LL Cool J. 8 Count Abs is only eight minutes long.

Hold Your Own
This is a short, 16 minute workout that is not too intense. Shaun T teaches you some moves that you can do at a club or party and you workout to the music. In this workout, you do not “CIZE it up” in the end and do the routine to music again like you do in others. It is short and sweet and perfect if you are in a rush and just want to get some fitness in!

That is exactly what you will do in this workout with a fast-paced, fat-melting dance routine. Dance and break a sweat to He Ain’t With Me Now, originally recorded by RichGirl. Get Into It is 38 minutes long.

With Turn it On you will master another intense dance combo that you can perform to Wild, originally recorded by Jessie J. Turn It On runs 35 minutes.

The Get Started Guide helps you get started on the right foot. It is a step by step guide that helps you track your transformation for the entire 30 days. For best results, use this to help you avoid skipping any days in your 30 day journey.

The beginner calendar helps you take CIZE at your own pace. After each routine, rate your dance skills according to your performance. Rate yourself a “backup dancer” if you are just starting out, “front and center” if you have the hang of it and feel good and “ready for my music video” when you have mastered the moves and can really build a sweat!


Nutrition is key when it comes to getting in shape. Shaun T’s motto is to follow the 85/15 plan. Eat clean 85 percent of the time and treat yourself the other 15 percent. To get that dancer’s body as soon as possible, you will need to do the same. With the Eat Up! Meal Plan, you will have a guide that makes losing weight easy and delicious, giving you access to recipes, tips and more!

The Eat Up! Meal Plan gives you mouthwatering, easy-to-prepare recipes that will give you energy to dance and help you lean out, fast! And, for those times you want to incorporate your favorite foods (yes, even chocolate!), we show you the portions to eat to stay on track! Remember, you have that 15 percent that allows for treats and it is ok to have them, just in moderation. It’s not about dieting, starvation, or deprivation. It’s about healthy eating, simple portion control, and feeding your body what it needs to feel good.

Weekends tend to be a time when we are faced with a LOT of temptation. Parties, restaurants, family dinners and barbecues at friends’ houses can leave you feeling deprived if you go but cannot indulge. But don not let the weekend ruin all your hard work from the week. Use the Weekend Survival Guide to learn the DO’s and DON’Ts of a night out on the town or an afternoon with friends. It is possible to go out and have fun without sabotaging your results and this tool will show you how!

This calendar was created to give you a bit more structure. It gives you a guideline and explains what workout to do on which days to keep progressing.

Get Shaun’s best weight loss tips to use when you want to shed those extra pounds ASAP! They are effective, practical, and totally doable. Shaun’s expert tips cover little things you can incorporate into your lifestyle that will help make a big difference in your weight-loss results such as when to eat, how much water to drink, healthy snacks and more.

1-LB. WEIGHTED WRISTBANDS (available only with the Deluxe DVD Package)
Wear these comfortable and stylin’ weighted wristbands while you bust out the hottest dance routines. They will help you tone your whole body by adding resistance to your movements, and help you can burn even more calories in the same amount of time!

DELUXE CALENDAR (available only with the Deluxe DVD Package)
This calendar incorporates the faster-paced, sweatier routines along with the basic dance routines to help you lose the most weight possible in 30 days. If you have been working out already and/or are in good shape and looking for more of a challenge, this calendar is ideal to help challenge your body with CIZE.

Kit of 7 Portion-Control Containers

(available only with the bonus Weight Loss Series Upgrade Package)
This CIZE Weight Loss Series includes the two workouts that come with the Deluxe package and also includes seven color-coded containers that take the guesswork out of eating healthy. Designed to work with your CIZE EAT UP! Meal Plan, the containers deliver the right portions of food every time. They have been an extremely popular component of the 21 Day Fix and 21 Day Fix Extreme programs since their release and are not usable with any Team Beachbody program, including CIZE. With these containers, you will have the energy and stamina to dance your heart out while eating the right foods in the right portion size! The containers are color coded and used as follows:

• Green = Veggies
• Purple = Fruits
• Red = Proteins
• Yellow = Carbs
• Blue = Healthy Fats
• 2 Orange = Seeds & Dressings

Free Personal Coach
One of the unique aspects of Team Beachbody is that they provide free fitness and nutritional coaching. You can get a free Team Beachbody coach when you purchase your first product from them or when you ask for help with either a free player membership or club membership. Coaches are assigned to help walk you through your fitness journey and help answer questions, provide meal plans, offer nutritional guidance and share their fitness journey with you. Some coaches also host monthly challenge groups or boot camps via private facebook groups. These groups help give you a sense of community and allow you to interact with others on the same path as you. Coaches are absolutely free to you so take advantage of this and sign up for your Free Team Beachbody Coach today. There is no purchase necessary. You can sign up to have a free coach via the Team Beachbody website and a coach will be assigned to you.

Free Online Support
Beachbody offers 24/7 free online support to anyone that has questions about a program, needs guidance or is simply looking for some moral support. If you purchase CIZE and want to get in contact with others going through the program as well, you can log onto the online forum. There you will be able to communicate with countless Beachbody coaches, trainers and other CIZE users to discuss your experiences, whether positive or negative, with the program. Occasionally, some of the top fitness trainers and fitness pioneers, including Shaun T himself, participate in online forums and chats at

What Equipment Will I Need?

One of the many benefits to the CIZE program is that there is little to no equipment necessary to complete the workouts. The CIZE Deluxe DVD packages comes with a resistance band that you can use throughout your four week journey with the program if you need more weight or want to challenge yourself further, but it is not necessary or required. Other than that, all you will need is a DVD player, a television to play the DVDs and space to dance!

CIZE Pros & Cons

• Have fun while you workout.
• Low impact if you need to take it easy due to injuries.
• No need to modify the workouts.
• Good workouts for beginners and experienced individuals as well.
• Shaun T is very motivating and his energy is endless.
• The program is only four weeks long versus the usual 60 to 90 day duration for most programs.
• No need to go to the gym each day and spend money on a membership.
• Build lean muscle without any equipment necessary.
• The music is current pop hits that you will enjoy listening to.
• If you have kids, they can join you for the workouts too.

• You won’t be able to use the excuse that you don’t have time to work out.
• If you want a very challenging workout, these may not be challenging enough depending on your current fitness level.

Summing Up Cize
CIZE has gained some notoriety since its release and it’s not surprising. Zumba has a huge following and CIZE is like the modern version of Zumba in a home workout program. If you are looking for a workout you can do at home, regardless of your fitness level, you will be enjoy CIZE. It is not very difficult, especially when compared to some of Shaun T’s previously released programs (i.e., Insanity series) but it will make you sweat. CIZE is also doable for those with knee injuries that need low impact cardio activity. If you already have a fitness routine that is challenging and are looking for a program that will take you to that next level, CIZE may not be up your alley.


I’m your typical crazy job, social life, work and more work type of person. Pretty much every time I try to work out at home, it doesn’t work out. I have tried to get a gym membership near my work so I can force myself to go and workout but I never seem to make it there. Then I found CIZE. When I purchased it from, there were absolutely no reviews to help make my decision. It was just one of those “What the heck!” moments where I felt like trying something different. I did it the first day and I loved it! I was sweating buckets! Next day I couldn’t wait to do this workout again!! Honestly this is probably the only workout that doesn’t feel like a workout. It’s only been 3 days and I feel fantastic!! Just an FYI, I’ve had several workout videos before and they were all BORING! Even other dance type workout videos such as Zumba and Turbo Jam were nowhere near as fun as CIZE. This is different and definitely worth a shot!
Nadine C.

CIZE is amazing! I am so NOT a dancer, never have been, and I’ve always been honest about the fact that the reason I don’t dance is because I’m terrible at it. I have no rhythm yet I was able to complete the workouts with CIZE and have fun doing it! What is so amazing about CIZE is that, although you are sweating your butt off and can’t catch your breath, you still don’t really feel like you are exercising. You end up getting so focused on trying to learn the moves and nail the routine that you forget you are “working out”. I find that nine days out of 10, I end up working out an extra 30 minutes. I either end up popping in a second CIZE workout or I just keep rewinding the “Cize it up” portion to practice and get the routine down right. I am not satisfied and can’t seem to turn it off until I’ve NAILED it!
Patricia J.