Jaybird X3 vs Freedom 2 Earbud Review

Jaybird X3 vs. Freedom vs. X2 REVIEW

I will be doing a comparison of the Jaybird X3’s versus the freedoms, and the X3’s versus the X2’s. I have done individual reviews of all of these headphones. They are all really good wireless workout headphones. So you can’t really go wrong if you choose any of these headphones. They all sound great. They fit great and are very comfortable. They have inline remotes and mikes, and a pretty good compatibility with most of your smartphones out there. In this review, I am just going to cover the major differences between them. Why you would buy one over the other. So pretty simple. Let’s get to it.

The X3’s versus the Freedoms

These are the two higher end headphones from Jaybird. A lot of people out there are looking into these headphones. Why would you prefer buying the X3’s over the freedoms? Here is why;

Number one is price point. They are $130 at retail whereas the freedoms are $200. I am however expecting a price drop on those.

You get a more ergonomic, more comfortable fit with the new ear fins that come with the X3’s.They are contoured to fit in your ear better, and stay in there better. If you are someone that uses those ear fins like those, you are going to like the new ear fins on the X3’s.

Battery life.
The last thing, a really big point is that the X3’s have a really good battery life. Eight plus hours on a single charge whereas the freedoms can only last you four hours unless you use the charging clip. That will get you an extra four hours. A lot of people find this annoying.

Why would you opt for the Freedoms instead?

  • In the freedom’s favor, the big thing with them is that they are smaller. This makes them a more low profile headphones. The ear buds themselves are smaller in size, but the remote is larger and heavier. It does weigh on the headphones more than what you will see with the X3’s.
  • Since the ear buds on the freedoms are smaller, the wind noise is less. Therefore when you are out there running or cycling, you will hear less wind noise because they stick out from your ear less.
  • If one wants the latest and greatest in terms of sport headphones, the X3’s are probably the best ones you can buy. You can get the freedoms if you want a lower profile set of headphones.

The X3’s versus the X2’s

Why would you prefer the X3’s to the X2’s? This is why;

So the biggest advantage of the X3’s is that they’re smaller than the X2’s, about 20 to 30% smaller than what we saw in the prior generation.

Ear fins
The second thing is you got those nice ear fins now with the X3’s. This means better and more comfortable fit.

Battery life
Its battery life is a little bit better. It will be about eight hours or more. With the X2’s, it’s going to be right around seven, eight hours on a single charge.

Access to Mysound Application
This allows you to change the firmware on the X3’s to fit your sound preferences. If you like more bass, you can change them so that they have more bass. The X2’s however do not have access to the mysound application in as much as they have the option of customizing sound preferences.

Bluetooth 4.1
This might be the reason I push people towards the X3’s. It is the Bluetooth 4.1. With this, you are going to get a better, more stable Bluetooth connection. It’s not bad on the X2’s, but it is a little bit better on the X3’s. This and also helps with battery life.

Why opt for the X2’s instead?

The first thing is price. The X3’s are $130 as I already mentioned whereas the X2’s are right around $100. If you want to spend under $100 for a pair of really good wireless workout headphones, the X2’s might be the way to go.

The second thing is they have a smaller remote. The X2’s don’t really have the problem of being weighed down since the remote is virtually the same size as the cable itself.

The last thing here with the X2’s in their favor is that they charge with micro USB cable, whereas the freedoms and the X3’s use a proprietary cable. So if you lose that you are kind of out of luck.

For travel, it kind of stinks to bring another set of charging clips with you. I see somebody getting these if they want to pay $100 or under for really good wireless workout headphones.

Those are the major differences between the Jaybird X3’s, the freedoms and the X2’s. I personally use the X3’s more often than anything right now, but I like all of them. Just a fun little comparison here.

Jaybird X3 Review! The Best Wireless Workout Headphones!

Today I am reviewing the Jaybird X3 wireless sport headphones. I love the X2s but I am all about the X3s today. What is the deal here? Well, these are wireless sport headphones, and I think all things considered, they are going to be really hard to top. Let me first talk about design and hardware. I will then talk about audio quality, and at the end discuss pricing and whether or not I think that they’re worth it.

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Advantages of the Jaybird X3 Headphones

  • As far as design goes with the X3s, they are on point. They’re quite a bit smaller than the X2s,  like twenty or thirty percent smaller
  • They can fit under most helmets, so that is something Jaybird is pretty proud of.
  • They are really comfortable.
  • Jaybird gives you a bunch of different options to best fit your ear.
  • They are angled, so there really is a defined right and a left earphone. Don’t mix that up, otherwise they will not fit quite as snug.
  • They come with three different sizes of ear fins, which have a better, more ergonomic, more comfortable design. They are now contoured so they better stick into your ear.
  • They have been upgraded to a premium set of three sizes of silicone ear tips and three sizes of comply phone tips. This means they are a little bit better at isolating the sound. I highly recommend the foam ones as they are more comfortable.
  • They can be worn as standard ear headphones, or you can wrap them around your ear. This is the sportier option.
  • If you use the cable management clips in the box, it will keep the cord off of your neck. This is the best option you are running and cycling a lot.
  • They help to limit the wind noise and the cord moves around less hence reduced distraction.
  • They are ridiculously water and sweat resistant. You can’t swim with them just yet, but you can sweat all over them, take them out running when it’s pouring out there, and you will still be good to go.
  • They now have Bluetooth 4.1, hence a more stable and more reliable Bluetooth connection. I had no trouble with walking around the house or the gym, walls or even doors. The only time I did have a problem was when somebody stood right in front of my iPhone.
  • In terms of the Bluetooth range, one can get to about fifty to seventy-five feet before things started to cut out, which is still better than the standard Bluetooth connections out there.
  • They have a better battery life hence you should expect eight full hours on a single charge like clockwork.
  • The cable is tangle resistant.
  • It is noticeable that the inline remote is actually bigger than what it is with the X2s, but smaller and a lot lighter than the Freedoms. The whole system is pretty easy to use and master, and it works well with Siri and Google Assistant.
  • It does have an inbuilt in microphone.
  • As far as the audio quality goes, the X3s are awesome. For a wireless workout headphone, they are for sure among the best out there in terms of sound and they are louder than the X2s.
  • They use six millimeter drivers. If you don’t like the sound with the default settings, just like with the Freedoms, you can download the Jaybird ‘My Sound app’ on your smart phone and you can change the sound preferences.
  • They allow you to alter the firmware of the headphones, so if you like more bass for example, you can make that adjustment. As soon as you do, it changes the firmware of the headphones. Even if you switch Bluetooth devices, the firmware is still the same. Your sound preferences follow the headphones. It’s actually a permanent change but you can change it within the application whenever you want.
  • You can discover the sound preferences of other people, even professional athletes. You can look through all of the lists there and figure if you like a different sound preference and even change it based on the music that you are listening to.
  • They are significantly cheaper than what the X2s retailed for. Since they are starting at $130, this is a very reasonable for wireless workout headphones.

Disadvantages of the Jaybird X3 Headphones

  • You will need to charge them using a proprietary cable. The X2s used a micro USB and I wish we still had micro USB; it’s just kind of a pain to have a whole separate cable out there.
  • It is a little bit harder to find the microphone because it’s the same size as the cable. It also kind of weighs on that cable a little bit more so when you are working out, you’ll find that it is drifting to the right side. You will hence need to use the cable management clips.
  • They stick out enough hence you will get quite a lot of wind noise. I would recommend just running and cycling with them just wrapped around your ear.

For $130, this is the “We’re not messing around,” price. Jaybird has seen the competition around them, and then priced these headphones so that people could afford them from the get go. They are probably the best ones out there for working out, and I personally use them all the time. I do think that they’re worth the while .

Jaybird X2 REVIEW

The original Bluebuds were hugely popular and Jaybird was like “Hey, why not make them better?” That is exactly what they have done, but you won’t really notice, at least not in terms of design and not right away. This is because Jaybird put better components into the X2s. The original Bluebuds have been out for a while and over time. Better components and manufacturing processes became available so they updated the Bluebuds with the X2s. The battery is better overall and should last longer. After using them for a few weeks I can’t really opine on that, but I will be discussing everything else with regard to my experience with the X2s.

The 3 Noticeable Features in the X2s

  • In the box you get three sizes of Comply foam ear tips which are super comfy and the three sizes of silicone tips as well.
  • There are a few different color options for the X2s.
  • They retail for $179.99 which is ten dollars more than what the original Bluebuds sold for.

Advantages of the X2s

  • They have an amazing Bluetooth connection that is about 30 feet, a standard for this technology. I have never encountered connection issues arising from having my body in the way or my phone in my pocket.
  • They have a rugged design hence get out of your way during workouts.
  • They are highly sweat resistant and come with a lifetime warranty against sweat so you’ve got that going for you.
  • In terms of design, they have ear tips that go all the way into your ear canal and do a phenomenal job of isolating the sound. You can be at the gym and you won’t be distracted by all of the sounds around you.
  • The X2s come with six pairs of ear tips but they also come with three different sized ear fins to best fit and lock in your ear.
  • They are pretty customizable and they have different sizes and adjustments.
  • When you do get that right fit, the X2s are super secure and they’re not going to be slipping around on you in the middle of your workout.
  • One does not need to wear them in a fixed positon like the normal earphones. You can actually wrap them around your ear and use or not use the fins. This is like the sportier mode. You also can pull out the cable management pieces. That way you can wrap the cord through them and then the cord doesn’t hang on the back of your neck.
  • Its cable is made from soft silicone material that feels both durable and nice against your skin. The cable does not stick to your neck the way that other headphones do when you start to sweat a lot.
  • The cable is tangle resistant, so if you throw them in your bag and pull them out you won’t have to take out knots before you do bench. I definitely like the cable.
  • The controller that also houses the mic works with a bunch of different smart phones. It is kind of similar to what you’ll see on the Monster Super Slims, with a standard button layout, but the controls are not quite what you are used to. For example, to skip a track, you hold the volume up button.
  • It has an amazing sound quality, just like it was on the first generation Bluebuds. The bass is deep and the sound is super clear. If you want good sound, the X2s definitely deliver.
  • They do have really great battery life, like eight hours if not more on a single charge and they actually charge very fast.
  • They also have voice prompts to alert you about 20 minutes before the battery dies. It also helps you with connecting your phone and then turning on and off the headphones.

Disadvantages of the X2s

  • Although they have a very good isolation, whenever you get an earphone that completely seals off your ear canal you are going to get a little bit fatigued after a while. You will want to pop them out to kind of let things breathe.
  • It takes a bit of trial and error to find the right placement in your ear.  You are definitely going to have to fiddle around with them for a while.
  • There’s a bunch of intuitive controls but they are not what you are used to necessarily. Make sure you consult that user manual if you buy the X2s.
  • Since they stick out of your ear quite a bit, the wind noise is kind of loud if you go cycling with them. It is actually like howling almost, and I don’t think there is really anything Jaybird can do about this because you have to store the battery and driver somewhere.

These are really good wireless sport earphones. They are not perfect but you are really going to enjoy using them. I can’t say that they’re going to last any longer or they are any better than the original Bluebuds . I can say, however, I dig the design. I love the sound isolation and the audio quality is fantastic, so if you’re in the market for new workout earphones or headphones, definitely give the X2s a look.

Jaybird Freedom 2 vs Original – Wireless Workout Headphones Comparison

Today, I am comparing two popular headphones: the Jaybird Freedom versus the brand new Jaybird Freedom 2. These are some of the best headphones out there on the market right now as far as sport earphones are concerned. They are really small and lightweight, much less noticeable than the X2s or X3s. They are most ideal for women or people with smaller ears.

These headphones are so compact and sleek. They can be worn around the office, used for running and working out. I will tell you how the Freedom 2s compare to the original. I will cover the reasons why you might get one of these products over the other. Individual reviews of both the original Freedoms and the Freedom 2 are also available in a different blog post, so you can find the links to those posts at the end of this blog.

Why should you get the Freedom 2s?

  • The biggest thing is that it is now much easier and quicker to adjust the length of the cord for the earphones. You can quickly change from the under ear design if you were taking a phone call, and put them in the over ear position, if you were working out or running.
  • They are just small, lightweight, and it’s easy to make sure there are no distractions with the cord.
  • They now have soft silicone ear tips and ear fins, which are a lot less harsh on the inside of your ear. Your ear still gets fatigued after a little while, but it’s hard to argue with the fact that the F-2s are a lot more comfortable now.
  • They have contoured ear fins to fit in your ears better.
  • They have a “find my buds” feature within the Jaybird app, where you can locate them based on where you last connected them to your phone. If you are that kind that loses things easily, this feature, is right up your alley.
  • The new Freedom 2s do let in some ambient noise, which a lot of runners actually prefer for safety reasons.

I would say the Freedom 2s are the winner when it comes to comfort and workouts. Those are the really big changes that Jaybird made, so why would you even consider the original Freedoms? Well, there are a couple of reasons.

Why would you Consider the Original Freedoms?

  • The biggest thing is price. They go for as low as $90.00, which compares to $150.00 for the Freedom 2s. The originals are much cheaper right now. In fact, if you check out our website, rizknows.com, or download our free IOS and Android mobile app, you can search for deals on headphones, earphones, speakers, basically all tech products.  This website saves people a heck of a lot of money.
  • The original Freedoms have separate ear fins and ear tips, whereas the Freedom 2s have the ear fins and tips as one unit. This means you have the option to customize, so you can use small ear fins with large ear tips, or vice versa. You just get to customize them more.
  • They come with the comply foam ear tips, which gives them a much better sound isolation than the new Freedom 2s. They seal off your ear canal better; hence this helps with the overall sound quality.

The new Freedom 2s have some cool new features, and I personally think they are a lot more comfortable. At the end of the day, the original Freedoms are the better value just because of how cheap they are right now.

Jaybird Freedom REVIEW!

I am a huge fan of the Jaybird X2s. I use them every week, if not actually every day. They are some of the best workout headphones out there. The one complaint I keep hearing about them is mostly from women. They say that the earbuds themselves are just too big and stick out of your ear a lot.

This is exactly what Jaybird is targeting with the Freedoms. They took the best of the X2s, reworked the design for people that wanted a smaller form factor. We are still going to have the X2s and the X3s coming out here in the future. This was a smart move. Knowing all of that, there is a lot to consider with the Freedoms.

Advantages of the Jaybird Freedom Headphones

  • They are wireless workout headphones that can also be used as general headphones. A lot of people use them as their day-to-day headphones and even at the office as well.
  • They have such an attractive design and it is obvious a lot has been put into designing them.
  • In terms of build, they are ultra-lightweight.
  • They are very sleek looking headphones.
  • The Jaybird Freedom headphones have tiny earbuds and overall a very minimalist design.
  • They come with three different sized ear fins and six different options of tips; three in silicon and three in foam. All of that means that you can get the right fit for your ear.
  • They’re very comfortable and surprisingly durable.
  • Their sound quality is insane on the Freedoms, very impressive for such tiny headphones
  • One can pair them with the Jaybird app to personalize sound preferences and save those preferences to the headphones. So, when you use them, you have that same sound personalization every single time
  • If you like more bass, more treble et cetera, you can make that adjustment.
  • The Jaybird app allows you to see the customizations for famous athletes, so if you want to see what other people are using, you can do that.
  • The headphones are also completely sweat-proof so you can really get after it at the gym and there’s not a problem.
  • They have a cable that is of the right length and tangle-resistant. The cable does not stick to the back of your neck when you get all sweaty hence making them a lot more comfortable to use.
  • They have a remote which also houses the mic. It works fully with iOS and Android, possessing nice click buttons. This mic works well for all of your phone calls

Disadvantages of the Jaybird Freedom Headphones

  • The pricing is the biggest hurdle for a lot of people. These have an MSRP of 200 bucks.
  • The battery life has been quoted as 8 hours but in reality, it’s more like four hours. If you do use the charging clip, and you attach it to the headphones, you can get a few extra hours that way.

Generally, the Freedoms are the real deal. Jaybird makes awesome products. And I just think they’re comfortable, durable and have great sound. They have a clever design. Everything you’ll need. And if you’re good with the price, I think you’re going to love the freedoms.