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Body Fat Percentage Needed to Get Six Pack Abs

What Body Fat Level Is Needed To See Your Abs?
Six pack abs are among the most coveted physical attributes for fitness buffs and couch potatoes alike. Many people seem to think that regular diet and exercise will lead to perfect abs while others have given up on ever achieving the ideal flat stomach. The truth is, obtaining visible abs is possible, but it takes more than just exercise to achieve it.

Achieving the right body fat level is the key to unveiling your abs. No matter how much you exercise or how many sit ups you do, you won’t be able to see defined abdominal muscles until the right body fat percentage is reached. This begins with healthy eating habits and paying attention to calories consumed. Until you master the art of proper diet and reach the right body fat level, your abs will remain hidden under a level of adipose.

Body Fat Percentage Goals for Women
body fat percentage abs

  • Competitive Level: 8-12%
  • Extremely Lean: < 15%
  • Lean: 16-20%
  • Fair: 21-25%
  • Poor: 26-30%
  • Very poor: 31-40%+

Body Fat Percentage Goals for Men

  • Competitive Level: 3-6%
  • Extremely Lean: < 9%
  • Lean: 10-14%
  • Fair: 15-19%
  • Poor: 20-25%
  • Very poor: 26-30%+

Finding the Body Fat Percentage to Unveil Your Abs

For most people, body fat percentage tends to increase as you get older. The body fat percentage goals listed above can work for any age, though younger people can try to strive for the lower end of the percentage ranges and older people can aim for the higher end of the scale.

It is important to note that there isn’t one specific number that is guaranteed to give you the abs of your dreams. Men and women have differing body fat allotments, which is why their percentage goals are different. Every person has a different body type, so even if two people of the same sex have the same percentage of body fat, they may look different from one another.

In the body fat goals listed above, competitive level refers to the sort of fat percentage reached by professional bodybuilders during competition times. This isn’t a number that most people will reach, nor is it one that is kept year round.

For the average person, try making it a goal to reach the lean body fat percentage range for your sex. Trial and error will determine what exact number you’ll need to display your abs. Once you figure out what your ideal body fat percentage is, work to maintain it throughout the year. Not only will this keep you from losing your hard earned abs, but it is also good for your health to keep a steady, healthy weight.

Measuring your body fat percentage can also help you figure out what areas of your body are particularly stubborn and might require extra work. Even after you’ve uncovered your abs, there might be a few problem areas to deal with. Women in particular tend to have difficulty with their hips and thighs. Figuring out your ideal body fat percentage will give you the information you need to focus your work out efforts to the areas you need the most.

Building a six pack is not an impossible dream. Your goal is entirely attainable with the right body fat percentage.