Hip Hop Abs

Hip Hop Abs Workout Review

When you first hear the title of one of Beachbody’s most popular workout programs, Hip Hop Abs, you may wonder if it is a workout program or a series that simply teaches you dance moves. Well, if you are familiar with any of the Beachbody series, you should already be aware that any series they put out is one that will challenge virtually every muscle in your body.  If you put 100% effort into the program you purchase, you are sure to see results, and this applies to Hip Hop Abs as well.Hip Hop Abs


Hip Hop Abs was Shaun T’s first series with Beachbody.  It was introduced in 2006 and instantly became one of the fitness empire’s most popular workout programs.  Shaun T created Hip Hop Abs as a fun yet challenging way to target all areas of the abdominal muscles using a variety of cardiovascular, core and abdominal moves.  The program is set to fast paced, upbeat music making it a fun way to transform your abs, and get a good workout from the comfort of your living room.

About the Creator Shaun T

The creator of Hip Hop Abs is one of Beachbody’s most popular trainers, Shaun T.  Shaun is a world renowned fitness trainer with an extensive dance and choreography background that came in handy when creating the Hip Hop Abs workout program.  Shaun T’s background includes training at Equinox Fitness, graduating with a degree in Sports Science from Rowan University and dancing professionally for Mariah Carey.  While Shaun was teaching fitness classes and training at Equinox, he was approached by Beachbody executives to create a workout program for the company.  Since then, he has created numerous successful programs for Beachbody including Hip Hop Abs, Insanity and Insanity Asylum.

Hip Hop Abs Workout Program
Hip Hop Abs was Shaun T’s first program for Beachbody for a reason.  It includes dancing and having fun while working out, and it is the same method he used to lose 50 pounds and get into shape.  Shaun designed the Hip Hop Abs program as a way to share his fitness and diet secrets, help you burn fat and get the six pack abs you have been trying to obtain through repetitive gym workouts. The program includes a blend of cardio, ab exercises and body sculpting moves to help melt fat and reveal the abdominal muscles and obliques.

What’s Included with Hip Hop Abs?

When you order Hip Hop Abs, you will receive 4 workouts, a Step-By-Step Nutrition Guide, a 30 Day Workout Calendar, a measurement card, and a tape measure.  In addition, Beachbody will also send you four additional free gifts that include the Hips, Buns and Thighs workout, the Results on the Run Diet Guide, the 6 Day Slim Down Plan and the learn to Dance with Shaun T DVD.  For a limited time, Beachbody is also adding two extra free gifts, including the Last Minute Abs and Last Minute Buns workouts.   If you wish to order the Hip Hops Abs program, it will cost $19.95 plus $7.99 shipping and handling, and comes with a 60 day money back guarantee.  If you decide to return the program prior to the 60 day trial period coming to an end, you will receive the $19.95 back and will also get to keep the four free gifts at no charge.

Hip Hop Abs Workouts

The Hip Hop Abs program consists of four core workouts that will you will rotate through as you complete the 30 to 60 day program. The program offers three different workout calendars that will have you working out six days per week for 25 to 45 minutes at a time.   Sunday is considered a rest day when no workouts are to be done.

Secrets to Flat Abs
In this workout, Shaun shares his training techniques to help you target every inch of your abdominal muscles.  The moves performed in this 13 minute workout DVD will target the upper, lower and mid-section of your abs, as well as the obliques.

Fat Burning Cardio
The Fat Burning Cardio workout includes 30 minutes of fast paced hip hop dance moves that will leave you sweating each time you complete it.  It includes upbeat, current hit music to keep you entertained while you burn calories and shed fat from head to toe.

Ab Sculpt
Ab Sculpt is a lengthier version of the Secret to Flat Abs workout.  It is 25 minutes long and you should expect to spend much of that time learning and doing more of Shaun T’s signature ab moves.  Do not expect this workout to be made up of sit-ups and crunches.  Shaun T includes combination core workout moves that you never imagined would target the abdominal muscles.

Total Body Burn
Total Body Burn is exactly as the name states.  It is a whole body workout that combines cardio with total body sculpting strength moves using your body’s own resistance.  The workout also includes even more ab-defining moves, and is also the longest in the series at 45 minutes long.

Additional Included Hip Hop Abs Program Resources
One of the many reasons that Beachbody fans and Shaun T followers love Hip Hop Abs is that it is fairly inexpensive and comes with many extra resources to help guide you through the 30 to 60 days with the program.  Below are the many resources that accompany it and a brief description of each.

Step-By-Step Nutrition Guide

You cannot expect to obtain perfect six pack abs without proper nutrition. All of the ab exercises in the world will not reveal your ab muscles without a lean, balanced diet.  Beachbody and Shaun T help guide your nutrition to help you obtain these amazing abs by incorporating the Step-by-Step Nutrition Guide into the Hip Hop Abs program.  This guide will help you choose the right foods so you lose weight faster with the program and see real results after you complete it.

Workout Calendars

The Beachbody Hip Hops Abs program is accompanied by a 30 Day workout calendar.  It helps you follow the program with an easy to read visual calendar explaining which workouts you should do throughout the week. Some days you will be doing more than one workout and on the seventh day, you will rest.  There are additional “deluxe” calendars you can follow that take the Hip Hops Abs workout up a notch and make it more challenging.  These “deluxe” calendars include more workouts per day and also extend the program from 30 to 60 days.   A simple online search will also yield hybrid calendars that other Hip Hop Ab enthusiasts have created to improve the efficiency of the program.

Measurement Card and Tape Measure
These tools are provided for you with the Hip Hops Abs program so you can chart your progress as you complete the 30 days with the program.  The idea is to measure yourself several times throughout the 30 to 60 day period and watch as inches melt away from your mid-section.

Free Online Support
Beachbody offers 24/7 free online support to anyone that has questions about a program, needs guidance or is simply looking for some moral support.  If you purchase Hip Hop Abs and want to get in contact with others going through the program as well, you can log onto the online forum.  There you will be able to communicate with countless Beachbody coaches, trainers and other Hip Hop Abs users to discuss your experiences, whether positive or negative, with the program.  Occasionally, some of the top fitness trainers and fitness pioneers, including Shaun T himself, participate in online forums and chats at Beachbody.com.

Hips, Buns and Thighs
Hips, Buns and Thighs is an additional 25 minute workout that lifts and firms the lower body region that so much of the female population has trouble with.  This workout is much more than a combination of squats and lunges.  Shaun T uses innovative moves and combinations to target those hard-to-shrink regions to help you fit back into your jeans in no time.

Results on the Run Diet Guide
This unique guide offers you support with the Hip Hop Abs program when you decide head out for breakfast, lunch or dinner instead of eating a healthy home cooked meal. Eating out can lead to many diet pitfalls because you do not know exactly what ingredients are used to make your meal or how much is used.  With the Results on the Run Diet Guide, you are able to make the right choices at your favorite fast food chains and restaurants.   It lists healthy options with nutritional information, and serves as a handy guide to keep in your purse or pocket.

Learn to Dance with Shaun T
Shaun T has an extensive background in dance and choreography, and he shares many of his dance routines with Hip Hop Abs participants in this free extra DVD.  The Learn to Dance with Shaun T DVD includes 3 full Hip Hop dance routines that will teach you the latest dance moves while reving up your metabolism and torching calories.

6 Day Slimdown Plan
If you are like most people that have recently started a new diet or exercise program, you probably want to see immediate results in order to stay motivated and on track.  That is exactly what the Hip Hop Abs 6 Day SlimDown Plan helps you accomplish.  It is intended to help kick start your weight loss with an easy-to-follow diet and exercise plan that promises to take up to 3 inches off your waist and help you lose up to 10 pounds in less than a week.

The 6 Day SlimDown plan features an eating plan that virtually eliminates carbs for a week, and includes a diet consisting mostly of protein and healthy complex carbs.  The plan includes recipes that are repeated throughout the week, but has a good variety of lean protein, vegetables, seafood, dairy and legumes.

Last Minute Abs
The Last Minute Abs workout included free with Hip Hop Abs is a short abdominal workout that will help quickly target your abdominal areas with more of Shaun T’s signature moves.  The workout is only 5 minutes long, but it is quick and effective when it come to working your core. It includes upbeat, current R & B and hip hop hits by artists such as Usher and Pussycat Dolls to keep you moving without feeling like you are exercising.  It manages to work your muscles throughout your whole body with a variety of dance moves that specially focus on the mid-section.  You will begin the workout with some dance moves, then move onto standing crunches and moves that target the oblique muscles along the side as well.  This is a great workout to add to other core Hip Hop Abs workouts during the week and increase the calorie burn while on the program.

Last Minute Buns
Last Minute Buns is another short yet very effective lower body workout.  It is only five minutes long but it proves that anyone can have the time to squeeze in a workout.  In this Last Minute Buns workout, Shaun T works your lower body with three moves that include Funky Squats, Funky Lunges and Standing Glute Lifts.  The workout is fast paced and quickly jumps right into these moves without a warm-up.  Just as with Last Minute Abs, this is the ideal workout to add on several days per week when you have completed the Hip Hop Abs workout for the day.  Shaun T even recommends doing this workout twice to increase intensity and really give your glutes a challenge.

What Equipment Will I Need?
One of the best features of the Hip Hop Abs workout program is that no equipment is needed to complete the workouts.  All you will need is ample room to move around and perform the moves without bumping into furniture, a television and a DVD player.  There is no need to purchase resistance bands, pull up bars or dumbbells such as with other Beachbody programs.

Pros and Cons

As with any workout program, book, diet or exercise series, there will always be those that love it and those that are not big fans of it. This is because each individual has his or her own specific physical fitness needs so what may work for you, may not work for your neighbor, friend or co-worker when it comes to losing weight and getting in shape.  Hip Hop Abs is an excellent starter program and has several pros and cons that you should weigh prior to beginning the series.

Hip Hop Abs Pros

  •         Inexpensive, effective workout.
  •         Fun to do it and set to upbeat, current dance music.
  •         Similar to Zumba in that you learn dance moves while sweating and burning calories.
  •         6 Day SlimDown Plan can help you lose weight and inches quickly to help motivate your right away.
  •         Shaun T is energetic and easy to follow.
  •         Inexpensive and comes with many extras that you can keep even if you decide to return the program.
  •         Anyone at any fitness level can do the program without much difficulty.

Hip Hop Abs Cons        

  •         Most days of the week you will need to double up on workouts in order to get enough cardiovascular activity.
  •         It focuses mostly on the abs and lower body, paying little to no attention to the chest, back and arms.
  •         Seems to be aimed mostly at women and their problem areas versus men.

Conclusion:  Should I Do the Hip Hop Abs Program?
This question really depends on your individual fitness goals.  If you are looking for a fun workout that will be entertaining and help ease you into fitness, this program will definitely meet your expectations. It is designed as an introductory workout in the Beachbody series, and will help prepare you for a more difficult program such as Insanity and P90X.  It does not necessarily provide an adequate cardiovascular workout that will leave you seeing drastic results common with the more demanding programs such as Insanity and P90X, but it will get you moving if you are sedentary and want to begin incorporating fitness daily.  If you already have a fitness background, Hip Hop Abs may not be challenging enough for you.   If this is the case, you can still use Hip Hop Abs as a portion of your workout routine by adding it to gym workouts or to other forms of cardio and strength training activity.


Since I am not a fan of classes and I get bored on the machines at the gym, I figured giving Hip Hop Abs a try was something I could try to shed some weight.  It is a fairly inexpensive program so, if I am not happy, it was only $20 and I can return it if I really hate it.  Well, after getting Hip Hop Abs in the mail and starting it almost immediately, I have to say that I am pretty impressed.  I love dancing and doing this workout feels more like a hip hop class than a difficult cardio workout. It has great music that I actually listen to on a regular basis so it’s easy to follow and definitely made me break a sweat.  I decided to start with the 6 day SlimDown Plan since I’m totally impatient and need to see results fast and surprised even me. I did not lose the 10 pounds and 3 inches that Beachbody claimed I would but I did lose 5 pounds and almost 2 inches in only a week.  That was good enough for me to continue with the program and trust that I will continue to lose.  I’m in my third week with Hip Hop Abs and I’m seeing definite improvement. My jeans are loser around my waist and thighs and so far I’ve lost 10 pounds.

Aaliyah K.

I decided to try this program because I’m short on time due to being in school full time and working full time as well.  The workouts are short enough that I can do them in the morning before work or in the evenings after school.  They are also entertaining and easy to get through because they have pretty upbeat, current music and they are more like dancing than working out.  While I enjoy the workouts and I definitely break a sweat, I am left feeling like I need to do more to see real results and lose the 30 or so pounds I have left to lose.  I try to do the Hip Hop Abs workouts and squeeze in some gym time most days of the week as well.  Since the program was only $19.95 and came with so many extras, I decided to keep it and keep doing it as a “part” of my fitness routine instead of the only workout of the day.

Ani R.