12-Minute Intense Full Body Slider Workout

For today’s workout you’ll just need a pair of sliders. If you don’t have sliders, anything that’ll glide across the surface of your floor will do. Dish towels are great for hardwood floors, and paper plates work well for carpet. This workout flows one move right into the next. Think of this sequence as being broken up into three progressions. With the progressions, we add in moves every 30 seconds, building up to a combo, and then take away moves in a similar fashion. I’m going to take you through it as we go.

Holding a low lunge
Start with just a slide while holding a low lunge. After 30 seconds of this, add in a twisting crunch so that you have a combo going. After another 30 seconds, take out the slide so it’s just the twisting crunch. That is your first progression, your first 90 seconds of the workout. Next you will seamlessly into a lunge to start the second progression. After 30 seconds, add in a swan dive. After 30 seconds of that combo, add in a single-leg bear, so it’s lunge down, swan dive hands to floor, step back to a single-leg plank. Do a bear, replace the front foot, swan dive hands up, and then rise up from the lunge.

Subtracting from that complicated combo
Start subtracting from that complicated combo, removing the lunge so it’s just swan dive to bear. Last 30 seconds will be just the bear as you take out the swan dive. In the third and final progression, start with a twisted push-up. After 30 seconds, add in a thread and the needle pike so that it’s a combo. Finish by doing just the thread and the needle pike. You’ll get to rest 30 seconds before doing that entire sequence on the other side. This workout is no joke. Expect trembling while getting through the second side. That being said, if you need to take more breaks, it is okay. Listen to your body. Remember, there’s a difference between hurts so good and just hurts. If you’re all warmed up, get going.

Starting on your non-dominant side
Start on your non-dominant side to get it out of the way first while you are still fresh. Find a low lunge position on your left side, with the left foot forward and your back right foot on a slider. Have your second slider close by. You’ll need it later. Set a timer and at the beeps, start with slides of the back foot, staying low in the lunge. As you slide the back knee in and out, you want to stay really light on that back foot, so when the knee drives in, don’t shift your weight into that back right foot. You’ll be required to lean forward. This is going to keep your body weight in the front heel rather than that back leg. Couple more seconds, then you’re going to get the upper body in the mix. You’re going to combo in a crunch.

Bring your elbows out wide and the opposite elbow’s going to crunch down and across your body towards that front knee. With the right elbow to left knee g at the same time sliding in and out the back knee. While still really low on that front leg, with your butt’s starting to lift up in the air, check in on yourself. Sit just a little lower. You want to be as close to a 90 degree bend on that front leg that you can. Now, a few more seconds in this position and then you’ll will just take out the slide and just going to isolate that crunch.

Hold on to the lunge, opposite elbow across your body down to that knee. Keep that back leg engaged so you really want to squeeze into the back leg, keep it strong. If you’re not at a 90 degree bend on the front leg, try to get there, and deep twist. Face the side of the room at the bottom of each twist. Few more seconds in this position, and then you’re going to go into the second sequence. You’ll start with just a lunge. Back leg is straight, just like it was in the previous move. While driving up, your weight stays in your front heel and then slide back down into your lunge.

Adding a swan dive
Bring your arms overhead. Every time you hit the low lunge now, you will dive forward, fingertips grazing the floor by your front foot. Lift your torso back up, and then rise up out of the lunge. So combo, lunges down, fold forward, bring your torso up, rise up on the legs. Keep adding on to this, so you have a few more seconds here, and then you’re going to add on another step. It’s the single-leg bear.

Adding a single-leg bear
When you reach the bottom of that swan dive, bring your hands all the way to the floor. Lift that front foot off, coming into a single-leg plank. Do a bear on the other side, which just means that slider knee drives forward and out, and then you just reverse the motion. This is the most complicated combo right here with the most moving parts. Just a couple more seconds and then there’ll be no more up and down lunge. Stay low for the swan dive and the bear. Swan dive down, single-leg plank, one bear in and out, step the hovering leg forward. Just bring your torso upright. Remember, no more lunge.

Subtracting the swan dive
At the beeps, subtract yet again. There’ll be no more swan dive, and you’ll just finish with that single-leg bear. The single-leg bear is really hard to do. A great modification is instead of keeping your opposite leg hovering, hooks that foot over the ankle of the leg that’s sliding in and out. Check in on your core. Your ribcage is gently closing in so that your abs are held in tight and don’t arch into the low back. Try to sneak in a couple reps with the leg hovering. Keep the foot hooked the whole time.

Taking it to the third combo
Start with just a twisted push-up. Find your other slider, one foot on each glider, and point your toes to the side as you do a push-up down and up. Your body should be twisted. It’s not just an upper body exercise. Your oblique should be in on it. Add on to this a thread the needle in a side plank to this move to make it a combo. That’ll come up at the beeps. You’ll do a push-up and then lower onto your forearm, open up into a side plank, wrap your top arm around you, and as you does that thread the needle try to get movement out of the hips. Pike the hips up. See if you can get those feet to slide in and out. Then you’ll press back up one hand at a time, one push-up, one thread the needle. You can go slow so that you don’t have to do as many reps.

The last 30 seconds!
At the beeps there’ll be no more push-ups and you’ll finish. The last 30 seconds of this side is just going to be that thread the needle. Try to lift those hips. Even if you’re only getting the feet to slide in and out one inch, that is awesome. You are succeeding. If the slide isn’t happening, that’s okay. Just hold your side plank or just do the thread the needle.

At the beeps you get a 30-second rest. It’s your only rest of this workout. You are halfway through. You are going to do that entire sequence again, but with the other foot starting forward. Same flow. Grab a sip of water if you need it. You’re going to find the slider again. Keep your second one off to the side.

Redoing the sequence, the right foot starting forward
This time your right foot will be forward in the lunge, and you will start at the top with that hold and the slides in the lunge. Same sequence. You will start with holding that low lunge, and your back left knee now is going to slide in and out. On this side, you might notice yourself reaching that point of fatigue a lot sooner, and that’s normal and to be expected. Focus on the front leg. You have that supporting leg working as well, and you have already burnt it out. If you start trembling a lot sooner than you did on the first side, which is normal.

Adding a crunch and knee pull combo
At the beeps you will take it to that combo where you crunch at the same that that knee pulls in. Elbows out wide, fingertips by your ears. Remember, opposite elbow across to that front knee. That’s going to be your left elbow across and down to your right kneecap. Check and make sure the weight is being supported by your front heel, and not in the toes. At the beeps, you’re going to take out that slide. Focus on the front leg while still engaging through that back straight leg. Squeeze the quad right above the kneecap, both legs fired up. Deep twist when doing that crunch, so it’s down and across facing the side of the room every time.

You have a few more seconds before going into the second progression, which will be that lunge. It’s going to feel like a continuation of this one though, because that leg is still working.

The Lunge
Keeping that back leg straight, press up, driving through that front heel, and then slide back down into your back lunge. Every single time you get low, to find a 90 degree bend with that front knee if joint mobility allows. Build quite a bit in this one. First thing you will add on is that swan dive at the beeps. Reach those arms up overhead. They’re going to stay overhead until you hit the lowest point in your lunge, and then you’re just going to kind of do a bowing motion forward. Let you fingertips graze the floor by that front foot. Bring your torso upright, staying low through the legs, and then drive up through the legs. Do a number of this. At the beeps, you are going to add in that single-leg bear.

Adding a single-leg bear
Press weight into your hands so that you can extend that leg back out to a single-leg plank, knee slides in and out, step the foot forward. Bring your torso upright; rise up out of that lunge. You can only get through this combo a couple times because you are only on each thing for 30 seconds. The first thing we will take out of this is the lunge.

Subtracting the lunge
At the beeps, no more up and down. Just do the swan dive, and then you’re taking it to that single-leg bear. Stay in this position for a few more seconds. At the beeps, there will be no more swan dive. You will find that plank and hold it. It’ll just be the single-leg bear. Remember, when you get to that if you need to modify, you can hook the hovering foot over your heel.

Maintain your hips just an inch or two higher than your shoulders. Abs will be engaged, so the legs will be working. Your core is fired up here as well. This’ll be the end of the second progression.

Finding the second glider
You are now going to enter into your last 90 seconds of your workout. At the beeps, find that second glider, and drop your heels down so that your low body is angled to the side for the twisted push-up. With your feet on the gliders as you do the push-up, you should be sliding in and out a couple inches. It’s not a huge movement, but you’re going to slide backwards just slightly as you lower. Then hopefully those feet will come in just an inch or two as you power up. If these are too much, just drop to your knees. Keep your low body twisted, but don’t worry about the gliders. Just do the push-ups from your knees.

Layering in that thread the needle pike
At the beeps, you will layer in that thread the needle pike. Do one push-up, and then lower yourself onto that one forearm, opening up into a side plank. The top arm is going to wrap around you like you’re giving yourself a hug, and as you do that, try to pike the hips up into the air. This one is so challenging. Again, even if you’re just getting an inch of movement out of that pike, that is awesome. If you need to modify, maybe just hold a side plank. You can do those push-ups from your knees, whatever you need to do.

Finishing with the thread the needle pike
At the beeps, you will take out the push-up. You are going to finish with just that thread the needle pike. These are awful hence you can pause in between each one. You will be required to bring your top hand to the floor for a little added support. This is an awesome way to modify, getting a little push off that supporting hand. Last few seconds, maybe you get in a couple more, and that is your workout.