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The Best Air Bike Showdown!

I have seen probably around 25 or so air bikes that are worth paying attention to. I have used and reviewed the entire top eight or so, and I am going to tell you which one is the best. If you are looking for an air bike, this is your go to ultimate blog.

Some of the bikes I have come across include:

  1. The Schwinn Airdyne 82
  2. The Schwinn Airdyne 84
  3. The Schwinn Airdyne 86
  4. The Schwinn Airdyne 80 pro
  5. The Assault Airbike
  6. The Xebex Airbike
  7. The Xebex Airmill
  8. The Body Solid FB300
  9. The Concept 2 BikeErg, (kind of an air bike but  doesn’t have arms)

I am excited to bring this one because I get asked all the time about that one air bike that I would buy. I am going to answer that question for you today. My first category is the best air bike without arms. There is only one bike within this category. Granted, there are some competitors out there, but this is the best overall. This includes overall construction, versatility, mobility, the monitor, durability, price among other factors. I have actually listed all these on the site in an article I did on the best air bike. If you would like more information, then I could broaden this review.

The Concept 2 BikeErg

concept 2 bikeerg

This, in my opinion, is the best air bike without arms. The Concept 2 BikeErg is Concept 2’s version of their ergs, like the skier and the rower, for cyclists. If I was just going to have one bike, this would be the one. What a lot of people don’t realize is, for most people, when they get tired whenever they are working out, they don’t use a lot of their upper body on an air bike. They use mostly the lower body

Advantages of the Concept 2 BikeErg

  • It has a wide range of versatility. One can to go from basically a really light, really easy to use spin bike without any brakes to something that is very difficult and requires a lot of power output.
  • You can be sure that it will have an awesome PM5 monitor since it is made by Concept 2
  • It is not going to require much maintenance; if at all there will be any maintenance.
  • It actually has these poly groove belts that are self-tensioning, so no longer you have to worry about chains.
  • It is going to have their warranty. It is going to last and it is just going to work. That is one of the great things about Concept 2.
  • You don’t have to worry about it being noisy since the only noise comes from the air that’s spinning through the fan

Yes, I wish they created an air bike with arms, but all said and done, the Concept Two BikeErg is outstanding. So it is my top pick for the best air bike without arms.

Now moving on to traditional air bikes with arms. I am going to start with the budget pick, then go runner up, and then give you my top pick.

Airmill from GetRXd

xebex air mill

My budget pick is the Xebex Airmill from GetRXd.  Xebex has been around for a little while. They are a company based out of China. Basically, a lot of these companies are buying these bikes from China. They are bringing them over and rebranding them.

The Xebex Airmill, in my opinion, is the best budget friendly bike. It has taken everything that the Xebex air bike has and just changed out the arms and lowered the price by about $200. For this price, the Xebex Airmill is an outstanding bike.

Advantages of the Airmill

  • It is made of full metal construction.
  • It has a wide base.
  • It has an awesome big fan wheel.
  • It has a great monitor.

The reason as to why it is the budget pick and not the runner up is because the runner up has a much better monitor than the Airmill. I however reviewed the air bike in the past, and I gave it a super high rating because it is an awesome bike.

Disadvantages of the Airmill

  • The Xebex Airmill is going to require maintenance because it still has a chain drive. It has two chain drives. Chains require oiling and can sometimes get off the sprockets in the chain rings.
  • They are kind of loud due to the presence of the two chains.

If you want a budget friendly air bike, you should not go any further. In fact, this one and our runner up are very close and almost the same bikes.

The Assault Air Bike

Assault Air Bike

I did a poll on our Instagram a little while ago, and I had around 3,500 or so people see it. Quite a few people voted, I asked them what their favorite air bike was. The Assault air bike came up most, it was around 60% or so hence our runners up. I am going to give you a few reasons why.

Just to drop a bomb for some of you, the assault air bike is pretty much the exact same bike as the Xebex air bike and the Xebex Airmill. I actually tried to do some research on this. An Assault, when I went through their chat box, wouldn’t really help me much. They weren’t very friendly, but from what I saw, they are both made in Taiwan, hence may be made in the same factory. They are based on the exact same design. I posted on Instagram a while ago showing like six or seven different bikes that are all based on the exact same design.  So our budget pick and our runner up pick are pretty much the exact same bikes except for the monitors.

Advantages of the Assault Air bike

  • It is the coolest looking bike.
  • The Assault has a pretty good warranty.
  • They are easy to find, and are going to have a great resale value on Craigslist or Facebook marketplace.
  • They are used on the CrossFit games hence if you want to train for the CrossFit games I would suggest getting the Assault air bike.
  • It has more of a glossy finish okay.

Disadvantages of the Assault Airbike

  • It is a little bit more expensive.

The Assault air bike features the same construction as our runner up. The main difference is the looks.  It may have a little bit different seats and monitor. In fact, the Xebex Airmill actually features around the same handles, the same pedals, the same chain drive and the same fan.

The Schwinn Airdyne Pro

Schwinn Airdyne Pro

My number one pick would be a bike you may not have heard of, the Schwinn Airdyne Pro. It is by far the best air bike out there.  I have had every iteration of all the air bikes I have talked about. I have used all of them and reviewed them. Right now in my garage, the air bikes that I have are a Schwinn Airdyne Pro and the Concept 2 BikeErg. I love the Schwinn Airdyne Pro more. Not because it is a crazy better build or anything like that, but because it has a belt drive instead of the chain drive system that the Assault bike, the Airmill and every other bike out there has.

Schwinn really went back to the drawing board when they created this bike. They decided they were going to create something for the commercial market. They were not just going to make it look pretty and overbuilt on the outside, but also it a true commercial quality bike by changing the internals

Advantages of the Schwinn Airdyne Pro

  • It has an added belt drive to the system, which is not only more responsive but it also doesn’t require any maintenance. I have never had any issues yet I have put tons of meters on these things.
  • It is smoother, more responsive, require less maintenance, and also quieter.
  • It doesn’t have the clanking that comes from all the metal parts and all the chain, but still moves a lot of air and still makes a lot of noise.
  • It has an outstanding quality of monitor on it.

Disadvantages of the Schwinn Airdyne Pro

  • It is a little bit more expensive than what you are going to find with the Assault bike.

The Schwinn airdyne pro retails right under $1,000. You can get the Assault air bike for around $800, meaning you are going to be paying for it $200 more. Is it worth that? It absolutely is. If you can get the Assault bike for a little bit less, say $700, I would probably choose the Assault bike. Like there’s a little bit of discrepancy there, but if you want the absolute best, the Schwinn AD pro can’t be touched. Truly is the best.

So these are the best air bikes that I have chosen. These are the ones that I’ve used and I think are the best. Let me know what bike you think is the best and why you think it is the best. If you disagree with that, no big deal. Just let me know in the comments below.