workout for women at home

Workout Routines for Women at Home

If you are like most women, you want to be in shape and have an attractive body. The problem is that you may not want to spend a lot of time and money on a gym membership. Fortunately for you, there is a convenient, affordable option to staying in shape. Do your workouts at home. No more traveling to the gym, being self-conscious around others, or paying high membership prices. You can do it all in the privacy of your own living room or neighborhood. There are plenty of at home workout options available to fit your taste and style. Check out our workout routines for women at home  below and get to work!

Walk Your Way to Being Healthy
Walking is one of the simplest and healthiest way to get into shape. It provides a cardiovascular exercise, as well as tones the muscles. And the best part is the only equipment needed is a good pair of walking shoes.

One way to get the most out of a walking routine is to do interval training, or fartlek training. During this training, you vary the speed and intensity of the walk. Below is an example of a beginner’s schedule, starting with a 20 minute walk.

  • 5 minute warm up with a leisurely walk
  • 2 minutes moderate paced walking
  • 1 minute fast paced walking
  • 2 minutes moderate walking
  • 1 minute fast paced walking
  • 2 minutes slow paced walking
  • 2 minutes moderate pace walking
  • 5 minutes slow down with a leisurely walk

As you progress, you can customize the walking routine with more time, varied paces, and longer fast paced intervals.

Become an At-Home Yogi
Yoga may also be something you may enjoy doing at home. It provides a wonderful low-impact aerobic exercise routine. It also strengthens your muscles and quiets the stressful mind. Most poses do not require any equipment, although a good rubber yoga mat can help keep you from slipping during more challenging poses. There are many books and videos available to teach you the different methods, as well as internet sites with free poses and routines.

Sculpt Those Muscles!
Strength training is an essential part of any workout routine. It can improve the way you look, especially after any excess weight has been dropped. It also helps you lose weight because bigger muscles burn more calories. And do not let the fear of bulking up scare you off. Women do not have the necessary testosterone to bulk up like men do. The most it will do is sculpt and beautify your body.

There are a number of routines that do not require equipment. Doing such exercises as squats, push-ups, sit-ups, and lunges can go a long way in sculpting your body. If you wish to use equipment but do not want to spend any money on it, using household items can be used as weights. Such items include:

  • Milk jugs filled with sand
  • Canned goods
  • Homemade sandbags

workout for women at home
Sweat It Out with Home Workout DVDs
If you do not want to go to a class or gym to exercise, other options are home workout DVDs. There are a ton of workouts available to suit every level, style, and taste. From fun dance videos to strength training to yoga, there should be a DVD workout that you can enjoy. If you do not want to take a chance buying one that you do not like, a great way to test it is to check it out at your local library. If you decide you like it, then you can put out the cash to buy it.

It does not have to cost a lot of time and money to get into shape. Finding the perfect workout that can be done at home can provide a convenient and affordable way to keep up with your fitness goals.