lower abs

Awesome Exercises for Lower Abs

With warm weather’s arrival and summer on the horizon, you may begin thinking about wanting to wear those cute outfits and swimsuits that show off the tummy that has been hiding all winter. You may have already started doing a hundred crunches a day to get that nice sculpted look. When you are doing them, however, do not forget about those lower abs that are so vital to a flat stomach.

Making the Most of Lower Ab Exercises

lower absWhile performing any of the many ab exercises, there are a few tips to remember to make the most of your ab workouts.

  • Perform each movement slowly. This will keep the muscles contracted and working longer.
  • Concentrate on which muscles are being used. If you do not feel the lower abs contracting, check your technique.
  • To get more out of an exercise, use your arms. This will burn more calories, as well as work out additional muscles. For example, use alternating elbow to knee motions during bicycle crunches.

Safety First: Protect Your Back!

Before you begin these or any exercise, you should be mindful of your own safety. You do not want to injure your body while trying to get in shape. While doing a lower ab workouts, you want to especially pay close attention to your back. There are a few things to remember before and during your exercise routine.

  • Perform your exercises slowly to ensure that your body is properly aligned.
  • Try to do each exercise in a smooth motion. Jerky or twisting motions could cause injury to the delicate muscles of the back.
  • When lying flat on your back from some of the exercises, try to support the natural curvature of your spine with a pillow or towel.
  • If you feel any severe pain, stop. A little discomfort is normal, but sharp pains are signs of injury.

A Few Recommended Lower Ab Exercises

lower ab exerciseAlthough the below exercises are not all that are available, these will give you a good place to start for your lower ab workouts.

  • Reverse crunches are performed by laying on your back and bringing your knees up to a 90 degree angle then slowly lowering them. You can also target the upper abs by bringing your elbows toward the knees.
  • Bicycle crunches are performed by laying on your back and alternatively bringing each knee towards the chest as if you are riding an imaginary bicycle. Target the upper abs and obliques by meeting the knees with the opposite elbow.
  • The pelvic tilt is performed by laying on your back and bending the knees until the feet are under them. Slowly tilt your pelvis by concentrating on contracting your lower ab muscles.

Adding a few lower ab exercises to your routine can give you that beautifully sculpted tummy that will turn heads this summer. After all that hard work, break out the swimsuit and enjoy the summer!