How to Boost Testosterone Levels with Exercise

Photo by Anastase Maragos on Unsplash

Testosterone is the prime male hormone which determines physical growth, sexual growth, musculature, bone mass, bone density, body hair, facial hair, strength of the immune system, sexual virility and psychological well-being.

Unfortunately, a large number of males across the world suffer from lower than normal testosterone levels, leading to complications of both health and mind. The condition worsens with age, as the testosterone levels keep plummeting down further due to both natural and artificial reasons.

Can Exercise Really Help Boost Testosterone Levels in Men?

The short answer is yes, exercise can really help boost testosterone levels in men, but the effectiveness of the exercise routine will vary, depending on how appropriate it is for the person in question. Also, certain types of exercise are more effective for boosting testosterone levels than others, while there are exercises which may end up contributing towards further lowering our T levels.

The key is in knowing which exercises work and which ones don’t, and then matching the effective exercises with the individual’s own medical conditions, age, etc. Since knowledge is key here, let’s learn about the important facets in details next.

Boost Your Testosterone Levels with the Right Exercises

In order to boost testosterone, you need to rely primarily on resistance training, or weight training. If you are not familiar with weight training, don’t let the term scare you, because unlike what most people think, lifting weights and other forms of resistance training doesn’t have to be extreme.

Unless bodybuilding or competitive sports is on the agenda, you can boost your testosterone levels without having to pick up extremely heavy weights. As it happens, you can just stick to bodyweight exercises and resistance bands to achieve the desired effects as well. The idea is to give your body a reason to remain strong and muscular, which doesn’t require heavy lifting. This is also why resistance training is perfect for older males to remain fit both mentally and physically.

Don’t Let Your Testosterone Dip by Spending Too Much Time on the Treadmill

It might come as a surprise to many, but if you are spending too much time on cardiovascular exercises, there is a chance that your T-levels are going to plummet further.

This is true for men of all ages. Furthermore, cardio has absolutely zero testosterone boosting capabilities. You can run a mile or ten, but it will not do anything to boost your testosterone levels. However, there is a better way to both boost T-levels and burn fat simultaneously, which we will discuss next.

HIIT Burns Fat and Boosts Testosterone

High intensity interval training or HIIT is a unique training discipline which helps us burn more fat than cardio, while helping to boost T-levels simultaneously in men. The general idea is to complete intense, non-stop, but short, time periods of training, with small intervals in between two complete sets/time periods. You would be completing high intensity interval training if you sprinted on the treadmill at high speeds for 2 minutes at a stretch, took a 90 second break and then completed another 2 minutes. Three sets/time periods are the minimum you should aim for, and the entire session should take anything from 7 – 15 minutes.

Depending on the exercises chosen and the individual’s specific physical and medical conditions the parameters will be variable, but they will remain consistent with the general idea of HIIT.

Should You Go for Testosterone Replacement Therapy?

This is an answer that only a medical expert can provide you with, but those who have a biological deficiency in testosterone production due to age, genetic defects, or accidents, will certainly benefit from testosterone replacement therapy. In order to get a prescription though, you’ll need to talk to a wellness consultant with the right certifications.

Regular exercise can not only improve testosterone levels in men, but it can also prevent it from dipping too low in the first place. A combination of resistance training and HIIT can keep men healthy for a long time, so the sooner you start, the better.