weight lifting plateau

Tips To Help Overcome Muscle Building Plateaus

You can probably remember when you first started working out and building muscle mass. It seemed as if you were continually breaking records and building muscle, but then the day came that you were no longer able to do so. Everything hit a plateau and you were stuck at the same weight as you had been for the past few weeks. If you need help busting through your plateau, you can do so by following the simple tips and tricks outlined below.

  • Incorporate a shake into the equation before turning in for the night. There are times when all it takes is that extra few calories to help fuel the muscle growth process. Mix whey protein, coconut milk and green powder together for a delicious treat that is low in carbohydrates. If you are someone who handles carbohydrates well, you can add in some oatmeal to your shake.
  • Switch your carbohydrate and fat ratio. When you switch your ratios up, it will help to change your macros without affecting your calorie counts. After so long on a specific diet, your body will become resistant to the types of foods you are consuming. As you lower your insulin levels, you are going to help reverse the effects and create an enhanced level of efficiency for the future.
  • Perform 100 repetitions. Two complete body workouts every week for the next month will help to get you over the plateau and building muscle mass in no time.
  • Do a complete 180 on everything. Instead of doing the bigger exercises for your routine, try using the Guido method as you perform your exercise routine. You will start with bicep curls and work your way backwards. Your triceps are going to be extremely pumped and your body will undergo an entirely new challenge. You are going to have to make your way through all of the bigger exercises without as much energy as you once had.
  • Take a nap. Even though there are times when it is not possible to take a nap, it can help to restore your body and get you back going after a long day. If your job doesn’t allow you to take a nap, try finding somewhere that you can close your eyes for a few minutes at a time. You will be amazed at the results you will find.
  • Take out your stopwatch. Timing your workout routine is one of the most fun things you can do. If you are low on motivation, you can cram in a few sets during a 30 minute time period. The next time you can try to beat your first number. Not only are you going to be motivating yourself, but also your body is going to become more efficient.
  • Eliminate caffeine from your routine. Even though you may love your energy drinks and coffee, adrenal fatigue will end up lowering your progress in a heartbeat. Once your nervous system is stimulated, your levels of cortisol will remain high. Take a weekend and make it free from any caffeine. After you have gone a week without caffeine, you can incorporate them a couple times per week into your routine. You will be amazed at how much of a difference it will make once the cortisol is gone from your system.
  • Change your gym. New environments can make the world of difference for your routine. Since the machines are going to be different, you will have to work your muscles against different angles.
  • Add lemon water and green powders to the equation. Many people fail to realize the importance of remaining alkaline, but it is harder to make forward progress if your body is acidic. Green powders are a great option to get your six servings of vegetables every day. Lemon water helps to detoxify your system. Your liver needs to function properly to promote happiness and fat loss. The liver works to pump all of the fat from your body. If your liver is continually trying to eliminate toxins, it will not be as effective.