P90x2 Review

p90x 2 workout review

When P90X came on the market, it was all the rage. Fitness enthusiasts everywhere raved about the incredible results you could get in just 90 days, all while working out from your own living room. Even some fitness beginners saw drastic changes in their physique and overall strength by incorporating the P90X program into their daily exercise regimen. When those fitness buffs started looking for a program to take them to the next level, Tony Horton answered their prayers by creating the follow up version of P90X known as P90X2.

P90X revolutionized fitness. Now, P90X2 will change the way you work out…forever. You’ll engage all of your muscles with every move, delivering the same kind of training pro-athletes pay thousands of dollars for.


P90X2 is essentially an extension of the original P90X series. It is a more intense version of the P90 series with the ability to improve core strength, agility, power and performance. The P90X2 program is based on the original principles used to create P90X and includes some of the moves and techniques incorporated into the fitness routines of some of the top trainers around the world.

The basis of P90X2 is similar to the original P90X in that the workouts revolve around a series of 12 workouts. While the focus of P90X was based on muscle confusion, P90X2 introduces a training technique known as Post-Activation Potentiation (P.A.P.). PAP was developed by professional trainers around the globe and is capable of delivering fast, cutting edge results that will chisel your body while improving overall performance. Each of the individual workouts, including P.A.P. workouts, was created to focus on different parts of the body through intense and effective workouts. The moves in P90X2 are slightly more challenging than the original series because it is assumed that, when doing P90X2, you have already established a background by having completed the initial P90X series.

One aspect that is unique to the P90X2 series is the focus on balance. Improved balance is achieved through a stronger core, and a stronger core leads to overall improved strength and tone throughout the body. The P90X2 program includes plenty of yoga moves and incorporates the use of a fitness ball as well. While men tend to think of these types of exercises as ones that are better suited for women, they could not be more wrong. Focusing on your core and improving core strength will help give you added strength in every type of activity you participate in. Core strength helps increase power in overall athletic function, including strength training, cardiovascular activity and any other discipline you choose to include into your fitness regime.

When you begin the P90X2 workout program, you should expect to continue through the program for the next 90 days. Although this program is more flexible than the original, it is still centered on three phases, with recovery weeks included in between each one. One of the main differences that make this program more flexible when compared to P90X is that each phase can be completed in a different amount of time. You can take as little as three weeks on a phase or can continue in the same phase for up to six weeks. With P90X2, you take into account your own fitness level and move forward when you feel ready to do so. In addition, with P90X2, you have two rest days per week instead of just one with P90X.

In order to be able to do all of the exercises in the P90X2 workouts, you will need some basic equipment. It can be purchased through Beachbody as a package (described below) or individually at your local sporting goods store. Before you begin, you will need some dumbbells or resistance bands, a pull up bar or other area to do pull ups on and an area in your home or place where you will be doing the workouts that gives you plenty of room to move. Beachbody also recommends that you have a foam roller, stability ball and a few medicine balls on hand. This equipment is optional but useful when it comes to completing each of the individual workouts.

What’s Included in the P90X2 Workout Program

The P90X2 program is quite comprehensive. It includes 12 workouts that come on 13 DVDs or 4 Blu-Ray discs. The program also includes a How to Bring It Again video, fitness guide, nutrition guide and workout calendar. The total cost for the basic program is $119.85 plus $19.95 shipping and handling. Beachbody also offers more expensive packages that include the equipment necessary to complete the workouts. As previously mentioned, you do not have to purchase this equipment from Beachbody; however, their quality of their products is better than most basic products sold in sporting goods stores, and Beachbody backs their products with a money back guarantee. The optional packages available are the P90X2 Deluxe and P90X2Ultimate. With the Deluxe, you get all that is included in the basic package, as well as 2 additional extreme P90X2 workouts, a foam roller, a 55cm stability ball and two 8 pound medicine balls. The cost for the Deluxe program is $239.70 plus $34.90 shipping and handling. The Ultimate package includes all that is included in the Basic, as well as two additional extreme P90X2 workouts, a RumbleRoller (higher quality foam roller), a 55cm stability ball, two 8 pound medicine balls and Tony Horton’s Power Stands. The cost for the Ultimate P90X2 package is $329.46 plus $39.90 for shipping and handling.

As with all Beachbody products, P90X2 comes with a 100% satisfaction money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the program, any of the products or the results you achieve from them, you can return it within 90 days for a full refund. In addition, Beachbody will include free lifetime disc replacement with each Blu-ray disc order.

P90X2 Workouts
Each of the 12 workouts in the P90X2 series falls into one of three major training phases, and each phase has a distinct focus. The first phase of the workouts centers around creating a solid foundation. You will be working a lot on your core and improving stability and balance throughout Phase One. Exercises in Phase One include strength moves, plyometrics, yoga and combination moves that incorporate all three.

Phase Two improves overall strength with explosive movements and coordination drills. Phase Two also includes some Yoga and balance work, building on what was done in Phase One.

Phase Three really turns up the intensity with strenuous whole body workouts. It includes combinations of moves and exercises done in Phase One and Two, as well as new moves and exercises that continue to challenge your body and push it to its limits. Phase Three culminates the program with a focus on overall performance, while also continuing to include Yoga core work.

X2 Core
X2 Core is the very first workout of the series and its main focus is on balance. This is a workout that uses instability to improve your balance and stabilize your muscles. It will have you doing strength moves while forcing you to balance in difficult positions in order to work every muscle in the body.

Plyocide is the next workout in the series and introduces plenty of plyometrics moves to get your body going. While Plyometrics involve a lot of jumping, plyocide involves lateral movements instead of vertical. If you have knee or back problems, you will appreciate the focus on plyocide moves as opposed to plyometrics. Plyometrics are high impact exercises and can worse pre-existing conditions.

X2 Recovery + Mobility
This is one of the favorite workouts for those going through the P90X2 challenge. It is somewhat of a break from the intense exercises you will endure in the other programs, and aims at relaxing your body and prepping it for what’s to come. In the X2 Recovery + Mobility workout, you will be incorporating the foam roller to stretch your body and give yourself a deep tissue massage you never thought was possible. If you have never used a foam roller before, you will be pleasantly surprised. Make sure that you are following directions when using it and maintain proper form. If the foam roller is used incorrectly, it can end up hurting your back more than helping it. Foam rollers have been used by chiropractors everywhere and have recently begun to gain popularity at fitness studios and gyms as well.

X2 Total Body
The X2 Total Body workout is centered around resistance training and balance with core work blended in. You will be working out every muscle in your body with comprehensive moves that require you to focus on form and being able to stay standing. You will be doing moves on one leg that you typically do standing with both feet on the ground. This helps strengthen your core by working your leg, ab and back muscles even though you may be doing curls, shoulder presses or tricep dips.

X2 Yoga
When men see this workout, they are often tempted to skip it. Once they complete it at least once, they begin to realize Yoga’s benefits and its’ potential to increase power and overall strength. While this workout includes basic Yoga moves to help stretch you out and relax your mind, it also includes isometric movements to improve strength, flexibility and power. X2 Yoga is approximately 90 minutes long, so it will take some determination to get through it.

Balance + Power
The Balance + Power workout includes a variety of strength training moves coupled with holds and balance exercises. You will be using the stability ball in this workout and will realize the importance of strengthening you core while using it. The moves in this workout are not easy and, although they are difficult to conquer, they will eventually help heal ailments and eliminate aches and pains associated with exercise.

Chest + Back + Balance
This workout is similar to the Chest +Back +Balance workout in the P90X series, but is more difficult due to the instability that you will experience when performing exercises on unstable platforms. After doing this workout several times, you will soon realize the advantage to adding instability to typical strength training workouts. You will feel soreness, not only in the muscles you are actively working, but also all throughout your body as you attempt to maintain your form and balance while you lift.

X2 Shoulders + Arms
The X2 Shoulders workout features a series of seven exercises performed three times. The workout focuses on the shoulders, biceps and triceps and alternates moves for each of these muscles throughout the workout. As with the rest of the series, the focus of the workout is on balance. Most of the exercises will be on one leg or on the stability ball to work your core at the same time. This workout includes fast transitions and is very fast paced. Getting through the three rounds will not be easy, so you have to remember to focus on your form and do it at a pace you can handle. Incorrect form leads to injuries, and that is not the type of results you want to get from any workout program.

Base + Back
The Base + Back workout focuses on the largest muscles in your body, the legs and back. It includes plenty of plyometrics moves, as well as pull ups and squats. The workout features two rounds of ten exercises that will work you until you feel like you can no longer stand. Moves such as the V Pull Up and Jack-in-the-Box Knee Tuck will make you wonder how you ever made it this far in the series and prepare you for what’s to come in Phase two. It is a weight training workout that will make you sweat more than most cardio workouts.

P.A.P. Lower
As previously mentioned, P.A.P. stands for Post-Activation Potentiation. It is a technique that combines strength training with plyometrics in order to engage more muscles to complete one move. Although you may be using less weight than with traditional weight training, your muscles will be producing more power to complete the combination moves. P.A.P. has become increasingly popular with athletic trainers worldwide because of the ability it has to increase overall strength and build your muscles much faster than traditional strength training. In the P.A.P. Lower workout, you will be focusing on your legs with weighted lunges, plyometrics and box jumps. You will also continue to work on balance in this workout with more balancing and hopping on one leg.

P.A.P. Upper
The P.A.P. Upper workout is extremely taxing on the body and very fast paced. Your heart rate will be at its’ max for the duration of the workout, and there will be little rest throughout the four rounds of exercises you will be completing. The first set of exercises in this workout focuses on your chest, abs and shoulders. The second will focus on your lats, ab muscles, shoulders, biceps and triceps. Although most exercises involve low weights, the repetitions are what will leave you feeling the burn. Men doing this workout will be surprised at how difficult the moves they perform will be even with minimal weight for each exercise.

X2 Ab Ripper
The X2 Ab Ripper is a workout that is done in combination with the X2 Total Body and the Balance + Power workout. It is a little over 15 minutes long and includes 11 different ab exercises that will make every muscle burn more than ever before. This is not a fast paced workout. The moves performed in the X2 Ab Ripper are slow and precise to help keep every muscle engaged throughout the motion. After this, you will never want to resort to basic crunches again. The X2 Ab Ripper really does have the capability of giving you the six pack abs you have dreamed of.

How To Bring It Again Video
In case you need a little refresher after completing P90X and before beginning P90X2, Tony Horton has included the How To Bring It Again Video to help give that to you. The video gives you a quick overview of the P90X2 system. It explains the moves you will be doing in each of the workouts and demonstrates proper form. The video will also give you tips and tricks to completing the program within the designated 90 day time frame.

P90X2 Power Your Performance Fitness Guide
The fitness guide that accompanies this program will give you detailed information about P90X2, the P.A.T. techniques and the benefits you can experience by completing a 90 circuit with the program. It will give you detailed information about each of the workouts included, as well as tips on how to properly use the equipment necessary to complete it.

P90X2 Fuel Your Performance Nutrition Guide
The P90X2 Nutrition Guide includes a three phase eating plan to match the three phase workout plan. It includes vegan and grain-free options for those that do not eat meat or gluten, and also has information on optional supplements you can take while completing the program. The program is very flexible and can easily be incorporated into your daily fitness routine. Remember that, without proper nutrition, you will not see the results that P90X2 promises to give you. Proper nutrition is just as important as proper exercise when it comes to losing weight and sculpting your body.

Free Online Support
Beachbody offers free online support all day, every day. If you purchase the program and have questions, need encouragement or just want to get in contact with others going through the P90X2 challenge, you can log onto the online forum. There you will be able to communicate with Beachbody coaches, trainers and other customers to discuss your experiences with the program. Occasionally, some of the top fitness trainers and fitness pioneers, including Tony Horton, participate in online forums and chats at Beachbody.com.

P90X2 – The Next Level of Extreme Fitness

What Can I Expect From the Program?

The program is pretty incredible and will definitely whip you into shape, regardless of where you are when you begin. With that said, the P90X programs were not designed for those that have little to no background in exercise and/or are not already in decent shape. P90X has a fitness test that you should perform prior to beginning the program and, if you are not able to do the moves performed in the test, it is not suggested you attempt the P90X programs. If you have not yet completed the original P90X series and have not yet passed the fitness test, it is suggested that you do that program first. If that program seems too difficult or advanced, you may opt for a program better suited for beginners such as TurboFire, Les Mills Combat or Power 90.

If you have completed P90X, are in decent to good shape already and want to achieve a sculpted, toned body with improved balance, flexibility and strength, then P90X2 is the program for you. It really takes intensity to another level and will help you accomplish fitness goals that few other programs can match. If you are the typical gym rat that jumps on a treadmill or Stairmaster and then moves on to repetitive weight training day in and day out, the P90X2 program is a series that you need to add to your routine. It will get you out of your rut and show you results that you have, most likely, not been able to achieve with repetitive gym workouts. P90X2 shocks your body and changes up your workouts to prevent your body from getting accustomed to your routine. With each phase, you will see marked improvement in your body and will escape the fitness plateaus you were stuck in prior to starting your 90 day journey.

P90X2 Pros vs. Cons

P90X2 has been touted as one of the most incredible at home exercise programs on the market today. Although it is an excellent program, it does have some drawbacks that you may want to take note of prior to purchasing the program.


  • The program offers a doable workout schedule with two rest days instead of just one.
  • There are 12 workouts in the program, each with a unique exercises and movements that build upon each other throughout the 90 day training period.
  • The program includes three phases that allow you to decide how long each phase should be. You can do the program at your own pace and still complete it in approximately 90 days, so long as you complete each phase within 3-6 weeks on each phase. If you spend longer on one phase, make up the time in the next phase.
  • The program is primarily focused on balance and incorporates core exercises into virtually every workout. This helps improve posture, flexibility and overall strength.


  • P90X2 is not for everyone. It is for those that are in decent to good shape already and have already attempted and completed the P90X program.
  • The warm up for each of the 12 workouts is identical. It would be better to offer some variety.
  • You will need several pieces of equipment to complete the program. If you want to do the program at work on your lunch break or while away on business or vacation, you will need to take a medicine ball, foam roller and stability ball with you.

Conclusion: Should I or Shouldn’t I Do the P90X2 Workout Program

Overall, the P90X2 series is one of the most comprehensive exercise programs on the market today. The workouts are very diverse and combine numerous exercise disciplines to give you some pretty impressive results. The program not only builds strength but also improves your balance and flexibility as well. Each and every exercise and workout in the P90X2 series will challenge you and give you impressive results. If you are looking for a serious athletic training program that you can do from home, this is it. It is up to par with the training that most collegiate and professional athletes get, but at a much lower cost.


By the time I was half way through, I already saw some improvement in my muscle definition and my overall strength. At the end of the 90 day period, my body fat percentage dropped from 16% to 11% and I lost 14 pounds. I highly recommend it to anyone that needs to kick up their fitness routine.

Chris Butler – Akron, Ohio

I used to take a kickboxing class at the gym or use some of the machines but needed a change. I wasn’t getting any results and a friend recommended I try P90X2 since I used P90X prior to getting pregnant. I have to say that I’m thoroughly impressed and cannot wait to see the results I’ll achieve at the end of the 90 day period.

Jennifer Maestro – Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

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