p90x for women

Does P90x Really Work? Yes P90X Works, Here’s How!

The P90X program is an extreme 90-day fitness system created by Beachbody and trainer Tony Horton. The intense home exercise program combines plyometrics, stretching routines, cardio workouts, yoga, weights and resistance training for an all over full body workout. In addition to offering individuals a variety of exercises designed to keep their bodies challenged, P90X …

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lose fat

How To Lose Fat, Without Losing Muscle

Restricting the amount of calories you intake is not going to help you lose the weight you desire. Your body has mechanisms that are going to store the fat, slow down your metabolism and use your muscle tissue to help increase your energy. You may lose weight, but it is not going to be the weight you want to lose. When you discontinue the diet, you are going to gain back everything you lost and then some.