power 90 reviews

Power 90 Workout Reviews

power 90 workout reviews

P90X and Insanity are not programs geared towards individuals just starting out on their fitness journey and can be discouraging for those that are not in good shape and attempt to do them.

One program that is similar to P90X and Insanity, and was actually the predecessor and inspiration to the P90X program, is Power 90 Boot Camp. Power 90 was designed to appeal to all, regardless of ability and fitness level. It is an at-home boot camp program designed to help you transform your body in as little as three months and is much easier than P90X. Even with P90X’s continued popularity, Power 90 remains to be one of the top selling at-home fitness programs today because of its’ appeal to all, regardless of fitness level and ability.


Tony Horton, the creator of P90X and numerous other top fitness programs, created the Power 90 Boot Camp program in 2001 to help everyone be able to transform their body and reach revolutionary weight loss goals from the comfort of their own home. He incorporated his Sectional ProgressionTM technique to give you a top fat burning workout in as little as thirty minutes. With the Sectional ProgressionTM technique, Tony focuses on specific movements and exercises that target a particular zone at a time. This results in targeted fat burning throughout your body to give you a leaner, more toned physique. Unlike programs such as Slim in 6 and Brazil Butt Lift that target mostly the lower body, Tony’s Power 90 Boot Camp is a workout that targets the whole body. It is suitable for both men and women. The program consists of cardiovascular and strength training, giving you a thorough workout from the comfort of your own living room each day.

Power 90 Boot Camp is designed to guide you through the various stages of the program while slowly increasing the intensity throughout the 90 days. You will go through a total of six workouts during the three month time span, and they will consist of cardiovascular exercise, ab work, strength training, yoga and core moves. Most of the workouts are short, varying from 30 to 45 minutes in length. The ab workouts are the shortest in the series and typically last about five minutes. The program is very similar to P90X, but you will need less equipment and the difficulty level is much lower as well.

When it comes to results, according to Tony himself, you can lose up to 92 pounds fat and shed up to 10 inches from your waist by taking on the Power 90 Boot Camp challenge. If you opt for his “Express Plan”, described further down in the review, Tony claims you can lose up to 10 pounds and 10 inches in less than a week. Those are results that just about anyone would appreciate so, let’s delve into the program and see what Power 90 Boot Camp is really all about.

What’s Included in the Power 90 Workout Program

Beachbody regularly offers promotions on all of their workouts, so bonus items and extras may vary depending on when you order the program. Currently, the Power 90 Boot Camp comes with six cardio and body-sculpting workouts, a bonus Fat Burning Express Workout, a program guide and transformation tracker, the Fat Burner Meal Plan, the 6-Day Fat Burning Express Plan, a 90-day calendar, a measurement card with tape measure, free online support and a sculpting band. Previously, the sculpting band was sold separately but is being included free with the program for a limited time. The program is currently selling for $59.85 plus $12.95 shipping and handling on the Beachbody website.

Power 90 Workouts
There are a total of six workouts on two DVDs, plus two additional bonus workouts as well. The workouts are broken down into two sculpting workouts, two cardio workouts and two ab workouts. Each is described below. As previously mentioned, the program is broken up into four phases and it will be incumbent on you to decide when you are ready to progress to the next phase. Power 90 gives you an outline as to when you should move to the next phase in order to complete the program in the 90 day period but, if you do not feel ready to move forward, you can continue in the first two phases until you are ready to progress. The first workout, the Sculpt Circuit 1-2, is a great introduction to the program and one that you should use to gauge your fitness level and ability to complete Power 90. Progress through the workouts and phases are your own rate and do not over exert just to make it to the end. Throughout the series, Tony emphasizes that you know your limits and you should workout within them.

Sculpt Circuit 1-2
This workout is the easiest and most basic. It is 29 minutes long and consists of simple moves to help tone, firm and strengthen your whole body. Sculpt Circuit 1-2 consists of various strength training moves that work your whole body. The workout begins with five minutes of stretching and will then guide you through three circuits of exercises. The first circuit works your whole body and includes push-ups, shoulder presses, bicep curls, tricep moves and lunges. Expect to do 8 to 15 repetitions of each exercise. After the first circuit, you will do a brief stretch and move onto the next circuit. The second circuit focuses on your legs, shoulders and chest. It includes wide push-ups, wide chest presses, wide bicep curls, tricep kickbacks, lunges and squats. After another 30 second stretch, you will move onto the third circuit. This is a modified repetition of the second circuit in which you will be doing more push-ups and squats. You will also incorporate dumbbell rows, plies, and the 7-7-7 bicep curls. The 7-7-7 method can be applied to any move. It is done when you focus on a specific portion of the muscle at a time. For example, with bicep curls, you do seven repetitions moving only through the lower range of the move (halfway), then seven repetitions on the top range (halfway only on top) and the last is a full range bicep curl. This makes for a total of 21 repetitions that will leave you feeling the burn once you have completed them. The workout culminates with a final stretching segment.

Sweat Cardio 1-2
The workout is slightly longer, at 36 minutes in length, and includes fun cardio moves. It also incorporates other disciplines such as kickboxing, Pilates and Yoga. The workout begins with a five minute stretch period that includes simple static stretches. You then move onto some basic yoga moves, such as the plank, downward and upward dog. Cardio follows the yoga with knee ups, jumping jacks, running in place, lunges and more. You have a short water break in between, but will quickly move onto jabs, uppercuts and kicks right after. There is a two minute cool down for you to get a quick second water break after the cardio segment, and you will then have another stretching segment for a few minutes after that. The workout ends with a 10 minute ab workout doing a variety of crunches, leg lifts and oblique exercises.

Sculpt Circuit 3-4
The Sculpt Circuit 3-4 is 38 minutes long and is broken up into four segments. Each segment ends with a stretch prior to moving onto the next one. The workout includes new moves, as well as some of the exercises performed in the Sculpt Circuit 3-4 with modifications. During the first segment, you will be doing decline push-ups, military presses, bicep curls and walking lunges, among other moves. In the second segment, you will continue with push-ups and lunges but also add in kickbacks and flies. The third segment includes tricep dips, lateral raises and pulls. You will also be doing 15-15-15 squats. This is similar to the 7-7-7 technique but with your lower body. You will do the first 15 repetitions standing shoulder width apart. The next set of 15 will be done with your legs slightly wider. The last 15 will be done in the plié position with your hands pushing out your inner thighs. The fourth segment includes more push-ups with some forearm and wrist work as well.

Sweat Cardio 3-4
Sweat Cardio 3-4 is the longest video, at 42 minutes long, and claims to provide you with an accelerated fat and calorie burning workout. It is quite challenging and includes modifications of the moves done in the Cardio 1-2 workout. In Sweat Cardio 3-4, you will be doing jumping jacks, various types of kicks, punches and power yoga as well. You will have a period of stretching in the beginning and the end, as in all of the Power 90 workouts, as well. Sweat Cardio 3-4 is an excellent, well-rounded workout video that you can continue to do on a regular basis, even after you have completed the 90 day Power 90 program.

Ab Ripper 100 & Ab Ripper 200
These are two short ab routines to help tone every aspect of your waistline. The Ab Ripper 100 is four minutes long and the Ab Ripper 200 is six minutes long. You can do these after each of the Circuit and Cardio workouts above, or do them individually in the mornings or evenings to start and end your day.

Fat Burning Express Workout
Tony Horton claims that this workout will jump start your metabolism and turn your body into an efficient fat and calorie burning machine in a little more than 30 minutes. The workout is a step up from the Sweat Cardio 3-4 when it comes to intensity. It keeps you constantly moving with less time between segments and shorter stretching periods. You will be using the resistance band with this workout, so it is ideal to take with you on vacation or on business. It is fast and can be done with a small amount of floor space just about anywhere. The workout involves a lot of jumping moves so, if you have knee problems, you may want to modify some of the moves to prevent injury.

Program Guide and Transformation Tracker
The program guide and transformation tracker will show you exactly what you need to do each day during your 90 day journey. The guide explains how to move from one stage to the other and emphasizes the fact that it is up to you to determine when you are physically ready to move on. It will also give you a brief description of each workout so you know what to expect prior to doing them. You can use the tracker to monitor your progress and see how long you have come.

Fat Burner Meal Plan
The Fat Burner Meal Plan is an eating plan that helps teach you how to eat in order to enjoy the foods you love while losing weight.

6-Day Fat Burning Express Plan
The 6-Day Fat Burning Express Plan is an accelerated weight loss plan for those looking for quick results. It is restrictive when it comes to calorie intake and meal choices, but it claims to help you shed 10 pounds and 10 inches in as little as six days.

90-day Calendar
The calendar is an additional tool to help you keep track of your progress with the Power 90 Boot Camp program. It is standard with all Beachbody workout programs and serves as a motivational tool to keep you moving along in the 90 day program.

Measurement Card with Tape Measure
Prior to beginning any exercise program, it is a good idea to take body measurements. You should also take measurements mid-way through and once again when you finish as well. This will help you see the progress you have made and whether the program gave you the results you were looking for. The Power 90 program comes with a tape measure to take measurements with and a card to log your measurements on as well.

Sculpting Band
The sculpting band is a necessary tool for completing the Power 90 Boot Camp workouts. In the past, it did not come as part of the Power 90 kit and needed to be purchased separately. The band is useful even after you have completed Power 90 since you can use it to do a variety of strength training exercises without needing to purchase dumbbells or barbells. According to many of the user reviews, the quality of the Beachbody sculpting band is also superior to many of the bands sold at local sporting goods stores.

Free Online Support
It is common for Beachbody to offer 24 hour support seven days a week to anyone that has questions or comments about their programs, supplements and any other product on their site. This is also the case for those that are interested in Power 90 Boot Camp. If you have any questions prior to purchasing or after you have received it, you can log onto their online forum and get answers from any of the thousands of Beachbody coaches. There are always coaches online to help you out, as well as other Beachbody and Power 90 customers that you can share your experience with. You can use the online support for encouragement and accountability as well. It is a great, free tool that not too many programs can offer.

What Can I Expect From the Power 90 Program?

If you have never done a boot camp style workout, you will be pleasantly surprised at what a comprehensive, whole body workout Power 90 Boot Camp will offer you. It incorporates aerobic activity with some strength training and power moves to help tone you all over and help you lose weight.

If you are new to exercise, you can expect to feel quite sore after doing moves such as lunges, squats and push-ups. You will also feel tired after the fast paced cardio workouts. There are minor breaks and stretching segments incorporated in each one, so make sure you keep your water nearby so you can hydrate throughout the workout.

If you are starting the program severely overweight, you can expect to see a significant weight loss if you stick to the program and do the workouts as recommended. You will lose weight and inches, although you may not necessarily see the sculpted muscles until you shed a significant amount of weight. One of the reasons so many people continue to purchase Power 90 is because it is tailored to everyone, not just those with a fitness background. If you find that the program is difficult, even at the first stage, you can continue to do the first phase workouts until you are ready to move onto the second, third and fourth.

If you are starting the program with a small amount of weight to lose or are just looking for something to help firm and tone you up, Power 90 should easily be able to provide you with positive results. The push-ups, lunges, squats, presses and other exercises will help tone your muscles without bulking you up. This program was designed to help you shed weight and get lean, not increase size and make you buff, per say.

Regardless of where you are when you begin, you always have the option of doing the 6-Day Fat Burning Express Plan. This will kick start your weight loss into high gear and, since it promises to help you shed up to 10 pounds and 10 inches in a week, you should see results fairly quickly.

Power 90 Pros vs. Cons

Power 90 Boot Camp continues to be one of the top rated programs sold by Beachbody and is the predecessor to P90X. Most that have purchased the program are satisfied with the results and continue to do the workouts, even after completing the 90 day cycle. Before you purchase Power 90, take into account the pros and cons below to see if it is a program that will help you meet the fitness goals you have set for yourself.


  • The program is solid and is accompanied by a thorough nutritional guide. If you follow it accordingly for the full 90 days, you will definitely see impressive results.
  • You can modify the program to your ability. If you are not ready to move onto the next stage, you can take it slow and do the program at your own pace. Obviously, results will depend on your effort so, if you take longer to move through the stages, it will take longer to see results.
  • The program gives you a full body workout, including cardio and strength training, without needing a lot of equipment or a gym membership.
  • You can do the program at home, while traveling or at work during your breaks or lunch period.
  • Even if you have a fitness background and have been exercising for years, you will still feel challenged by the Power 90 workouts and see results.
  • The workouts include warm ups, cool down periods and stretching. Some workouts do not incorporate any of these segments but they are important to prevent injury.


  • As with most home workout programs, Power 90 is designed to help you shed weight and tone your muscles. It is not designed to bulk you up or increase your size. If you are looking for a program that does that, Power 90 is not for you.
  • The program lacks a bit of versatility. All four of the core workouts, including the strength and cardio tapes, include the same moves but at different intensity and difficulty levels. It would have been better if Tony would have added different moves to mix it up and avoid repetitiveness.
  • Although the program includes seven workouts, they come on only two DVDs. Some feel the program is slightly overpriced.
  • The workouts have a reputation for being boring and having outdated music. You may want to play your own music in the background to keep you motivated.

Conclusion: Should I Do the Power 90 Workout Program

If you are looking for a thorough whole body workout that you can do from the comfort of your own home, this program fits that criteria. It is very thorough, including cardio, strength training, yoga and even stretching into each workout. You will not need to purchase any additional equipment to complete it, and will be able to complete each workout in under an hour. Even if you are a regular gym rat or have been exercising prior to beginning Power 90, the program will challenge you and help you achieve a toned, firm physique. As is the case with all exercise programs, you will need to follow the nutritional plan as well. Nutrition is key when trying to lose weight and sculpt your muscles. Even if you do hours of exercise a day, without a solid nutritional plan, you will not see the results you have hoped for.


I read a review of Power 90 online and, since it was touted as being the predecessor and easier version of P90X, I thought I’d try it. I loved that you didn’t need to buy a lot of extra equipment, such as a pull up bar or dumbbells. I can’t even do pull ups so there was no point to me even buying it. I am glad at least my husband could use it. I started Power 90 a few weeks ago and dove right in with the strict six day diet plan. I didn’t lose the 10 pounds it said I would but I did lose six pounds in six days and that was good enough for me. The workouts are tough but not impossible.

Mayra Solares – Valley City, North Dakota

When I started the program, my body fat was 33 percent. This is well over what it should be. I am a little over four weeks into it and I’m down to almost 28 percent. Those results are way better than what I expected and I can’t wait to see what my percentage will be at the end of the 90 day program.

Gloria Jensen – Jackson, Tennessee

Power 90 Reviews

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