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Top 7 Professional Athletes Who Endorse CBD Products

Performance is everything for pro athletes, but they must follow strict regulations regarding performance-enhancing drugs. Thankfully, the World Anti-Doping Agency has finally seen the light and removed CBD from its list of banned substances. There are now plenty of professional athletes who endorse the use of CBD capsules and other cannabidiol products.

Athletes and regular consumers alike can benefit from the wellness boosting properties of CBD. CBD helps athletes sleep better, control stress and anxiety, and manage the pain from chronic aches and acute injuries, making it easier to heal after serious workouts or games. It should thus come as no surprise that many professional athletes have begun using CBD as part of their routines.

Here are the top seven professional athletes endorsing CBD products today:

Rob Gronkowski

Before he went into early retirement, Rob Gronkowski spent eight years developing a reputation as one of the New England Patriots’ best tight ends. Now, Gronk has shifted his focus to helping other athletes up their games by endorsing CBD products.

This Super Bowl-winning NFL great started using CBD as a means of helping him recover from various injuries at the behest of his father. He now touts it as the perfect natural supplement for helping athletes manage pain and inflammation during their own recoveries. He credits CBD with helping him regain a pain-free lifestyle for the first time in years.

Al Harrington

Al Harrington is best remembered for his 16 years as a professional basketball player with various teams in the NBA. He has also played in the Australian National Basketball League and the Chinese Basketball Association. Now, this pro athlete has taken on a new mission in life: to support the use of CBD by others.

Harrington first used CBD to help him recover from a knee surgery that went south in 2011. He was taking anti-inflammatory drugs at the time, as well, but he doesn’t need them anymore. Instead, he endorses the use of CBD cream to treat localized pain.

Riley Cote

Riley Cote spent eight seasons as a professional enforcer for the Philadelphia Flyers. Those eight seasons in the NHL took its toll on his health and he was forced to retire, but he’s been keeping plenty busy since then.

Cote doesn’t just use CBD himself, although he does credit it with helping him heal from his diverse injuries. He also founded the Hemp Heals Foundation, a non-profit with the admirable mission of promoting cannabis products as a viable alternative to pharmaceutical drugs for pain relief and diverse other conditions, and has even been a speaker at the World Medical Cannabis Conference & Expo.

Mike Tyson

Just as Mike Tyson was a household name back in his boxing days, he’s now one of the most famous advocates of CBD. Tyson calls CBD a “miracle oil” and uses both CBD and THC as alternatives to prescription pain medications after they nearly killed him.

Although CBD has many benefits for athletes, Tyson touts these as the most important:

  • Pain relief
  • Anxiety relief
  • Sleep improvement
  • Help with combating inflammation

Tyson views CBD primarily as a means of treating pain and underlying medical conditions naturally instead of forcing athletes to use prescription drugs.

David Wells

David Wells is most famous for pitching a perfect game and helping the New York Yankees win the World Series. Unfortunately, he also has a less positive legacy. This famous baseball player used to be addicted to prescription painkillers, claiming that he took them 75-80% of the time, even during the height of his career.

Now, Wells has turned a new leaf. He uses CBD as a safer alternative to prescription narcotics and insists that other athletes should do the same. Since MLB players are no longer prohibited from taking CBD to help them with pain relief and recovery, it’s easier to take his advice than ever.

Rick Upchurch

Rick Upchurch played for the Denver Broncos before he was diagnosed with leukemia in 2011. He underwent the traditional treatment, including chemotherapy, and it was successful. During his treatment, Upchurch began using CBD to help relieve the symptoms of his cancer and its treatment, such as pain and nausea from chemotherapy.

While Upchurch has been cancer-free for some time, he never stopped touting the benefits of CBD. Both athletes and cancer survivors can benefit from his advice since cannabidiol has been shown to help alleviate not just cancer pain, but also nausea, vomiting, and lack of appetite associated with its treatment.

Jay Williams

This former NBA star is an outspoken advocate for CBD. He uses it not just internally, but also in oil form on his skin. According to Williams, CBD is a fantastic herbal supplement for managing stress and anxiety.

It’s especially interesting that Williams incorporates CBD oil into his skin routine in addition to taking it internally. He’s not alone. Many consumers now use CBD oil to help reduce skin inflammation and manage acne symptoms, and there’s plenty of research to back up these uses.

Plenty of Ways to Take CBD

Whether you’re a professional athlete or just a sports enthusiast, there are plenty of ways to use CBD. You can buy capsules, oils, tinctures, or even Plain Jane CBD cigarettes. Take it from the pros: if you’re dealing with pain, anxiety, insomnia, or general malaise, CBD can